Friday, May 4, 2018

Garage Sale Season Has Started

We had our first truly nice weekend this past weekend!  I went around town to a few garage sales that had popped up and I was not disappointed.  

No wild and crazy junkin stories for you this time, just a few pics for you.

This cool Pan-Am zippered tote.

Large enamel tray, blue aluminum ice mold, mini tonka truck, and a thermos in original box

Styrofoam can coolers from a local university.

Books from a church rummage sale.
Always pick up old cookbooks!

Now starts a theme!
I found a lot of vintage Christmas, including some books.

And stockings

And lots of linens!

Finally - in the free pile at one of the sales!
How cute is the little valentine cut out?

I initially planned to head out on my first yard sale trip of the year tomorrow.  However, I had the opportunity to pick an untouched estate... and let's just say, I've already went once, spent all my money and filled my truck completely.  I'll be going back tomorrow with The Beast, more money, and gloves.  There were still so many treasures I have not uncovered yet.

Stay tuned!

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Monday, April 23, 2018

An Auction and an Estate Sale

I hit up a very large estate auction the first weekend in April.  I was not disappointed!  Everyone came away with nice big hauls, some even bigger than mine!  First up was all this cool rusty crusty metal stuff!

Then books...

upon books!

There were so many more books, but I was selective with what I took home.

Lots of pretty quilt squares, tea towels, pot holders, and hankies!

You can never go wrong with some cookie cutters!

A hat and a wig box - both empty - just for display!

Some enamel bowls, great for corralling smalls at the booth.

Campfire coffee pot with original label!

I love these old safety goggles!

Oh yeah, I needed more jars and bottles (rolls eyes)

These glasses were ignored, because they were filthy.

a little soap and water and they're good as new.

Various shades of green and cream...

More stuff I just can't live without!  (can you sense the sarcasm?)
But, serious, I do love this stuff.

I've never seen the Instant Coffee canisters!  So cool.

Another item that was ignored at the auction.
Yes, I'll take them home and figure out what to do with them!

I needed more suitcases like I needed another hole in my head.
That mint green one though!

This will be a keeper!  It's a warmer plate.  No on/off switch, but great for parties!

I've seen lots of these West Bend canisters, but never a Snack Warmer with a plug.  It actually works too!

Finally - not super old - but a nice Nativity set from Sears.  It seems to bring around $50 when complete.

I also went to the second day of an estate sale this past Friday.  After getting inside and grabbing the remaining vintage Christmas, I was absolutely kicking myself for not making an effort to go on Friday.  Holiday was priced at 2 for $1.  And there were some GOOD vintage Christmas items.

I did grab these guys!  My hand is in the pic for size reference.

A few little odds and ends

I love buying old office stuff.

A load of candles.

A few odds and ends.  The trees are just someone's ceramic project, but I thought they'd fit in nicely with the larger light up ceramic trees.

Well folks, I think I've caught you up on all I've bought.  
I hope to be back with more soon, since it is now the start of garage sale season.

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