Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I Got in Friday's Mail

Look what I got in the mail when I got home from work on Friday....

This is a vintage Cat and the Fiddle Shiny Brite I got from Linda at My Vintage Soul.  Big thank you to her for letting me buy it.  **Reminder - If you see anything here that I show, let me know, and if it's not sold already, I will set up an Etsy listing for you.  If you're part of my family - pick up the phone and call me!!

Someone knows I love vintage ornaments... and sent me 4 boxes that they got for free, so passed them along to me!! :)

Posts about Day 1 of my Covered Bridge Festival treasure hunts coming soon...

Hope everyone had a great weekend so far!


  1. Such a small world when it comes to vintage Christmas ... I saw that ornament on reserve in oodle's etsy shop and wondered who it was for! :-)

  2. i'm such a huge junkie when it comes to vintage christmas!


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