Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Day at the Rose Bowl Flea

I was lucky enough to spend a week and a half in California recently.  The weather was perfect - sunny and 60s and 70s the whole time.  It snowed in my hometown.  Twice.

Here are the photos I took at the Rose Bowl Flea...

But first, a picture of me on the beach at sunset.  I was barefoot.  It was glorious.

Ok, now the flea...

I wish I could've fit all of these amazing things in my suitcases, but sadly, pictures must do them justice.

Here's what I did buy...

More mini oil lamps.  The collection is kinda taking over
every nook and cranny in my house.Ro
Like I needed anymore of these...
I've also been thrifting since I've been home from vacation already.  I'll post those in a separate post.

Also, I'm taking my mom on my huge round of thrift stores this weekend.  2 set eyes and hands are better than 1.

Everyone have a good night.


  1. You showed impressive restraint -- I would have been shipping boxes home ... and that first photo? Makes me sad. It snowed here today. ;-)
    Sounds like a great way to spend a vacation!!

  2. Ohhh the hardware...the drawer pulls! Love!! However I would have gone home with the green jars and green Salt & Peppers too!

  3. Wow! you fit all that in your suitcase?! now that is talent! kami from thebluekazoo


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