Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Coffee Table?

Hope everyone had a wonderfully long weekend!  I enjoyed 4 days off.  I live in the city of the "greatest spectacle in racing" known as the Indy 500, but decided not to go, even though I live 2.5 miles from the track.  I could hear the race cars zooming around on Sunday (race day).  I instead spent Friday in my old college town meeting up with long lost faces, Saturday was spent tubing on the river, and Sunday was spent poolside.  Now Monday, I headed to an estate sale.  I had been itching to go to a good one.  And it was.  However, it was nearly 100 degrees.  I didn't want to stay too long.

This is what I came away with -

I've decided this will be my new coffee table.  I think I'm going to get a glass top for it.  Thoughts?

I stopped by the Goodwill Outlet for the first time in what seems like forever today.  I'm always amazed at what I find.

Printer's block tray

blue suitcase

3 old letters from a neon sign, 2 chalkboards, and an old Star
Weekly Magazine.  It cost 15c back in the day.

What did everyone else do and/or buy this weekend??


  1. Cool Indy finds! LOVE the wood crate use as a coffee table. I was born in Indpls, but left at 3, so I have no clue about the place..except that my backyard had adorable baby bunnies..and my brother didn't want to leave Indpls because of the Indy 500!

  2. That wood crate is actually an old chicken crate! I don't think it was ever used, because it looks great!


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