Monday, May 14, 2012

Reverse Mother's Day

Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.  My mom spent the whole weekend with her mom and sisters.  She made it home in the late afternoon of Mother's Day and I went to spent the afternoon and evening with her.  We planted her garden... which is about 5 times the size of mine!  My mom loves hard manual labor for her presents.  After we finished she told me she went to an auction and some thrift stores on her weekend with her mom and sisters.  She wanted to show me what she got...

8 piece setting Corelle Spring Blossom
The setting was a present to me.  She only paid a couple bucks for it.  Now I finally have a full setting to match all my spring blossom pyrex.  I have a very green kitchen.  Please disregard the ugliness of the picture.  They're sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be washed.  They're covered in a layer of dust and a few lady bugs.

She decided that she was going to buy stuff for me to sell.  I don't think she did a bad job.  I would've bought everything she did.  I'm ESPECIALLY in love with all the turquoise!  Mom has good taste.

4 Fire King Cereal Bowls, Pyrex Dish, and S&P shakers

These last 3 pictures she got all in a box lot at an auction for $6.  Good job again, Mom!

2 FK custard dishes and casserole

FK peach lustre casserole with lid

Pyrex Butterprint and Butterfly Gold casseroles
So, it was a reverse Mother's Day.  I got all the presents!  I'm obviously paying her back for everything, but it was a nice surprise because I didn't have a clue she was buying anything!  Love ya, Mom!

Anyone get any good junk/treasures this Mother's Day?

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  1. Your mom definitely has good taste! So funny because my mom does the same thing for me...she buys stuff for both of us to sell. Hope your day was wonderful!


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