Monday, October 15, 2012

My First Experience as a Vendor

Saturday was my first experience as a vendor during a large festival that is oriented around crafts, home goods, and the best part - antiques and vintage goodies galore.  I was so graciously invited to join the wonderful group at the US 40 Livery Stable.  I have nothing but good things to say about my experience and I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

The barn itself and the actual Covered Bridge Festival didn't open until 10am, but I was setting up outside the barn, so I arrived at 9, just in time to start catching the traffic headed in to the festival. Literally as soon as we were unloaded (THANKS MOM FOR HELPING!) and barely unpacking things onto the tables, cars full of people were stopping in.  In fact 2 wonderful ladies even finished helping us unpack and spent a great deal of money.  I think they were just more interested in being the first people to see some of my items, but nonetheless, I was grateful for any little bit of help.

I was pretty well slammed for a good 2 hours.  In fact, if I didn't sell a single thing the rest of the day, I was already having a really good day.  This was when I finally had the chance to stop and smell the roses, errr, take pictures of my set up.  What stinks is about a third of what I brought was already gone.  No, wait, that doesn't stink, but it doesn't make for very great pictures.  Also, I forgot my good camera, so you will have to settle for my smart phone pics.  Anyways... here she is...

the view of the tables

left side view + big ass sign + my truck
also isn't the barn the mostly lovely chippy green??

right side view
we were set up in what used to be the corral for various
barnyard animals.  you can also see the ridiculously
beautiful old farm house that is on the property.

left side table view

left middle table view

I had nowhere to hang my sign
I also didn't have to take a single credit card all day

right middle table view

right side table view

right end cap

left end cap

So a good majority of this is gone.  And did I mention that I only set up Saturday?  I was unable to set up Sunday due to severe weather.  Thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 35 mph.  It would've been a miserable time.  Now I've got to start tagging a lot more items so that I have enough stuff to last 2 days next weekend. The weather is looking perfect - sunny and 60s.  Cool, crisp, I'll take it.

You can come see me:
Saturday October 20 & Sunday October 21
US 40 Livery Stable
4870 US 40 E
Brazil, IN 47834
9am - 6pm
Or until it's all gone. 
(I can hope, can't I?)


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  1. holy crap why didnt i see any of that wonderful pyrex??? how did i miss that at your house? oh i know why ;)


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