Monday, April 8, 2013

So I Bought a Barn...

First things first - please visit my new Facebook page.  I will be doing a majority of my updating from there.

This past weekend was the estate auction of my great aunt Catherine.  She was 97 when she passed away this past winter.  She has been living on this property her whole life.  Unfortunately to be able to insure the property (houses, barns, out buildings, etc) a few barns had to come down.  So, the barn is staying in my family - but in a different way.  We will be using it to finish my parents living quarters at their farm.  And I'll be using some to build things for my house.  I keep thinking of so many projects!

So pictures.  You want to see pictures?

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  1. So cool. I bet y'all salvaged a literal TON of GREAT old material.


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