Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday's Auction Haul

I went to an auction yesterday at what I am convinced was the coolest house on the block in town.  The couple was downsizing their very large collection that even included 2 buildings.  When you pulled up on their 2 story early 1900s farm house with the large wrap around porch, you wouldn't think anything of it.  Then I was directed to look at the items in the backyard...

I didn't want to take too many pictures, because I didn't want people to think that I'm crazy.  The landscaping was so ridiculously beautiful - in that overgrown, effortless way.  You can see the 2 buildings I was talking about.  They used a lot of architectural salvage.  They sold a lot of it too.

This was the first outdoor auction in my area, so there was a large turn out, and prices were high.  So I got what items I could.  I don't think I did too badly and I didn't spend a lot.

A majority of the haul.

Shawnee ram planter, 2 frog planters, lots of Japanese
hand painted s&p shakers, enamel butter dish

so many Japanese tea cups and saucers

salts with spoons (happy Mom's day, mom!), Prince
Albert tin, cookie cutters in original box

Hoosier cabinet jar, ice bucket, 2 swanky swigs, and 4
rolling pins

that last of the haul

2 pictures of Canadian landscape

the cutest little letter box that needs to be
a color other than red
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, especially mine.  Hope you all got some good junk for Mother's Day! :)

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  1. I adore that Shawnee planter! And I know what you mean about landscaping being beautiful in that "overgrown, effortless way" -- something I have always tried to achieve but not quite managed to! :)

  2. That looks like it would have been worth going to no matter how much you got. You scored some awesome stuff! Love the letter box!

  3. I love sales like this and I think you found some pretty awesome items. Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF!



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