Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

It has been a busy, but awesome Labor Day weekend.  I haven't really had a chance to settle down, until now, but I'm okay with that.  After this post is finished it's on to Accounting and Organizational Behavior homework.  There ain't no rest for the wicked...

So, starting with Friday, directly after work, I drove the 90 minutes to my best friend's house in Worthington, IN, which is about 30 minutes west of Bloomington, IN, where my (undergrad) alma mater is located.  We did get to go in to town and have dinner at my favorite pizza place, Mother Bears, and it was just like I remembered it.  The only exception, was that I felt old... I'm 8 years older than college freshman this year (and have a birthday coming up that will make me 9 years older... you do the math).  It's funny that in all my grad classes, I'm the youngest.

So, the whole reason I was in this small town was because they have their annual town-wide garage sale on the Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  I found some great stuff, while driving up and down the street in my best friend's father-in-law's John Deere Gator.  I was going to bring my dad's, but my truck doesn't have a hitch and dad needed his truck for the weekend.  So thank you, BFF FIL! :)

What I bought Saturday...

Pictured above: lard advertising tin, 2 wire baskets, paper towel/wax paper dispenser, cranberries crate, pair lustroware canisters, trio of canisters, green pyrex bowl, blue, yellow, and green swanky swig, half gallon ball jar, set of 3 homestead pyrex bowls, Ohio Art Co globe, wood cigar box, 3 cameras (spartus, 2 polaroid), some camera accessories, and the wood plant shelf.  Overall, pretty darn good day of garage sales!

Sunday, I needed to pick up my check from my first month and reorganize my booth, so mom and I headed that way.  I decided that since I did well, I should expand my space.  Well, I def didn't bring enough stuff.

First - sorry someone's shelf is in the way of my picture... my booth is officially hard to photograph.  This looks okay, and I was happy for the most part.  However, the left was pretty sparse, compared to the right.

That brings us to today. I was running around this morning, and there was an accident blocking the road I needed to go down to get home.  So it detoured my by a Goodwill I hardly stop at.  So, I went in and found this:

That would be 2 pieces of Pyrex... and one being a Daisy.  Both pieces are in mint condition.  They went with my back to my antique mall today.  I just had to do something about the newly acquired space.  Ya  know, since it doubled my monthly booth rent.

Here's what I did:

So my space is roughly 100" tall, 130" wide, and about 18" deep now.  It is honest opinion time, folks!  Tell me what you think!  I want to hear it - good or bad - because if you're thinking it, the customers are too.

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  1. I like it! I like the way you have everything displayed, it kind of looks like a section of an old kitchen. And the way you used the vertical space is great. Small booths are hard to merchandise, but I think you figured it out!
    I LOVE the crate shelf too because it shows people a different way to use them.
    Really, it looks awesome!!! I'm so excited for you and your expansion!
    But where the hell is the picture of you riding through the streets on a gator?!

  2. Oh, Mother Bears!!!! How I miss their pizza! I spent nine years in B'town and I think it's the food I miss the most. ;) Your booth looks great -- what antique mall is it in? Great score on the Pyrex!

  3. It looks so organized and pretty. You have some gorgeous stuff for sale!

  4. I really like the lard container-looks great where you displayed it. Probably won't be there long.

  5. Wow, great garage sale scores!
    This is my kind of booth.
    There are several things in there that I would want to look at but the bright pink stickers *really* make me curious!
    Great idea!

  6. Looks like you've got a lot going on. And it looks NEAT! I don't like walking in the booths when I'm afraid something's going to fall on me. Or I have to dig around for everything. Great job! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  7. I love everything in your photos! Great space. :) Stopping by from The Cottage Market today to say hello :)

  8. Your display is appealing to a customer. As someone above commented, it looks like it is in a home. Good Luck!

  9. Your booth looks great. I'll take everything in the glass door cabinet, please :-)



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