Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let's Talk About Sales

So, I may not be the super experienced booth seller like a lot of you out there in blogland.  But, I want to talk about sales.  No, I'm not going to talk prices.  I want to talk about what's selling in my area.  I want to get all of you other dealers talking about what's selling in your area.  I think this will be a great way to take a look a trends and help us all be smarter junkers.  I want to know what other items I should be looking for at the auctions, estate sales, and flea markets.  Don't you (that is, if you resell)?  Or maybe you're thinking about reselling?

So let's take a look at what I sold in November.  I will try to link back to pictures of some items.

11/02/13 Sunday child's fishing pole
11/02/13 Sunday argus camera flash
11/02/13 Sunday college pendant
11/02/13 Sunday 2 bakelite cake slicers
11/04/13 Monday snowflake garland pyrex casserole
11/04/13 Monday pyrex primary fridge set
11/04/13 Monday polaroid camera
11/05/13 Tuesday smith corona typewriter
11/08/13 Friday folding ruler
11/08/13 Friday purple glass coffee canister (as is)
11/08/13 Friday small crock with lid
11/10/13 Sunday pyrex old orchard fridge dish
11/10/13 Sunday orange pyrex fridge dish
11/10/13 Sunday 2 pyrex spg blsm fridge dishes
11/12/13 Tuesday 2 christmas ornaments
11/12/13 Tuesday blue pyrex s&p set
11/15/13 Friday mini brown crock jug
11/15/13 Friday polaroid flash gun
11/15/13 Friday polaroid folding camera
11/15/13 Friday brown and white crock
11/15/13 Friday brown and white crock
11/15/13 Friday box GE flashbulbs
11/15/13 Friday ornate door knob
11/16/13 Saturday pyrex crazy daisy bowl
11/16/13 Saturday 2 cub scout books
11/18/13 Monday 2 FK jadeite cereal bowls
11/19/13 Tuesday snowflake aqua pyrex
11/22/13 Friday Set 4 pyrex early american bowls
11/24/13 Sunday orange desk lamp
11/24/13 Sunday pyrex blue horizon casserole
11/24/13 Sunday pyrex verde casserole
11/24/13 Sunday camel s&p shaker
11/25/13 Monday little house on the prairie set
11/25/13 Monday red metal parts cabinet
11/27/13 Wednesday 8 copper jello molds
11/27/13 Wednesday biscuit cutter
11/29/13 Friday pyrex red primary bowl
11/20/13 Saturday polaroid land camera
11/30/13 Saturday pyrex red hostess dish
11/30/13 Saturday aqua blue camera
11/30/13 Saturday duaflex camera
11/30/13 Saturday brownie camera
11/30/13 Saturday argus camera
11/30/13 Saturday voightlander camera
11/30/13 Saturday aqua syrup
11/30/13 Saturday blue/green apron
11/30/13 Saturday pink tom thumb typewriter
11/30/13 Saturday toy cash register
11/30/13 Saturday 2 christmas ornaments
11/30/13 Saturday christmas ornament
11/30/13 Saturday christmas ornament
11/30/13 Saturday christmas ornament
11/30/13 Saturday gold frame

So, lots of Pyrex and cameras.  I also learned that when I'm in my booth working I tend to sell more.  See Saturday, 11/30.  I think sometimes people like to make a connection.  It's one of the reasons I like to do flea markets.

Okay, so the big question... What's selling in your area?  Leave me a comment.  Send me an email.  Or write your own blog post.

Happy Sales!


  1. Always interesting to see what is selling in the antique booths! I don't have one myself but hope you get some info back. Thanks for linking to TTF!

  2. Great idea! really enjoyed your blog. seasonal items are selling for me right now, but in my area vintage retro cameras are hot as well.

  3. My booth definitely slows down in the winter months, but I made more last Nov and Dec compared to this year (so far). I made a recent trip to the booth and tried to make it merry and festive without drowning in Christmas. I believe sales in general have slowed down everywhere and it's not just my booth. I try to make my prices comparable to similar items in other booths, but I know for a fact that some of my stuff is priced much lower and they're not moving. I opened the booth because I was tired of selling online (ebay) and I like being able to physically arrange things myself. The downside is having to make sure I have plenty of merchandise to keep the booth filled. I've considered closing it out, but goodness! Where would I put everything?

    Something else I need to consider is I live in an area where people are not willing to pay $20 for a pyrex bowl versus if I sold in a more suburban area where I could probably price things higher. It's frustrating for me because I can't make a 2-hour trip to the city every week and afford the booth rent. Seriously considering selling at DC Big Flea next year where booth rent for a weekend is $250, but 1000s of people would be viewing and buying from the booth.


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