Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pyrex Motherload

I cannot believe it's December already.  And that my 4 day holiday weekend is almost at a close.  I didn't go to any auctions this weekend.  I was running low on my stock of Pyrex for my booth, because I sold so much of it in November at the booth.  So instead of standing in crazy lines and battling people to save a few bucks on a microwave, fleece throw, sweater, or whatever it is people buy on Black Friday, I hit the thrift stores.  I hit 9 thrift stores that were a little new to me, because they were a further from me than I would normally drive.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, however as you can tell from the title of this blog post, I did in fact hit the Pyrex motherload.  So, would you like to see what I got?

2 divided casseroles: Blue Ivy and Horizon Blue

2 Butterfly Gold and a Butterprint casserolea, a Spring
Blossom and Early American bowls., and a Snowflake
garland butter dish.

2 Spring Blossom, Autumn
Harvest, Horizon Blue, and
Old Orchard casseroles.

Spring Blossom and blue fridge dishes.

Butterfly gold, forest fancies, and brown bowls.

The entire verde green mixing
bowl set in perfect condition!

Town & Country and Spring Blossom casseroles, lime green
pie plate, and a red fridge dish.

So, I'm fairly certain I will NEVER find this much in one day ever again.  I think I was able to get this all because everyone was out retail shopping and not thrift shopping.  Maybe Black Friday should always be a thrift store day!

So, of course these pieces all needed to head to the booth.  I also had some things I had bought last weekend that hadn't made their way to the booth yet.  So Saturday mom and I went and redid my booth.  So, let's take a small walking tour of my newly redesigned space...

While we were rearranging, I sold about 10 items out of my booth or roughly 25% of my monthly sales.  I've noticed I always seem to have a good sales day when I'm working in my booth.  Speaking of, I did make it back up to my mall to pick up my check and drop off a few more things.  I was in the top 10 dealers for sales for the month out of roughly 100 dealers.  I don't know if it's beginner's luck or what.  Is anyone interested in what's selling in my neck of the woods (Central Indiana)?  Would that make an interesting or informative blog post?

And wouldn't you know it... I stopped into my close-to-me Pyrex Hot Spot... and got these...

I don't see the 913 loaf pan very often.  This one is an tan/peach.  Does anyone know what "set" this technically belongs to, if any?  The blue primary bowl is a little DWD and will probably go into my large set of DWD / scratched beyond saving everyday bowls.  I also got this Woodland bowl.  


  1. WOW! I can't believe it. All in one day?
    Yes, the Pyrex gods were smiling down on you. Your booth looks great, and I'm so happy to hear that sales were so good!
    Erica :)

  2. heres a question....what is the holy grail of pyrex? the one single item that people will kill for?

  3. Holy cwap, that IS the motherlode of Pyrex!
    And I totally want to go shopping in your booth.

  4. Melissa you have peaked my interest in Pyrex. Always love to see what you have found. I have the complete set of Verde in my cabinet. Wedding gift 43 years ago. Still using them, always mix up my dressing for the holidays. I had great aunt that used her to cook her dressing in, just can't make my self do that. What is the going price for the Verde set?

  5. Amazing you found so many in one day! I rarely come across pyrex in good condition. Congrats on being a top seller. You are definitely doing something right!

  6. I have never seen the Blue Ivy before! I didn't know it existed. How did I, A PYREX THRIFTER SISTER, not know about this??!!! Love it all and I am super happy that you were able to restock your booth. It looks great!


  7. Good gracious! I don't think I could hit every antique store here in Columbia SC and see that much Pyrex in one day. There just isn't as much of it here as where you are, I assume because it was made close to you? Love all your finds, esp the Blue Ivy. Idk what that loaf pan goes to. Maybe a promotional? Thanks for sharing at my "Olde" party :) -Dawn @ We Call It

  8. So much pyrex! Nice scores and very beautifully displayed, too.

  9. Wonderful finds, Melissa! Those colors remind me of my youth...the 1960's-70's.

  10. You really did find some gorgeous Pyrex! Love how you displayed it! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  11. Hi there, visiting from Erica's sweet blog. Wow such wonderful finds! Love all that pretty Pyrex!! I would love to shop your booth, I see lots of pretties!! :) Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  12. Linked over from Erica's blog. Would love to spend an hour in your booth. Great stuff!

  13. Hi! I am a fellow Hoosier and I would love to know where you sell your great stuff.

  14. Wow,wow wow! Lots of beautiful Pryex there! I ran across a piece of the Horizon Blue last week in a thrift store and got all excited, but the dish part of it had been through the dishwasher a few times. Hate when I see that!


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