Friday, January 3, 2014


So, I had a birthday recently.  27.  I ate cheesecake.  And I took the day off of work and decided to spend it updating my booth.  Which turned 2 months old.  I tried to switch it up a bit.  Here we go....

My attempt at a Valentine's Day display.

I put all of my red and pink items as I had in my 
booth in the display in the very front of my booth.

I am so happy that a bunch of my pink band Pyrex
finally sold.  This is all I have left.

These shelves feel a little bare.

Even though they're packed
as full as I can get them.

My new table display.  Typewriter for typing
Valentine's Day love letters and a pink phone
for calling the one you love.  And holiday hankies.

But... this typewrite is something special.
A cursive typewriter.
That didn't work when I bought it.
And I fixed it myself.
*Pats self on back*

I really think the backs of these shelves
need some vintage wallpaper.  Or a
good coat of paint.

I tried out the panorama function on my camera to try
and give you a a full booth perspective.

On a happy note... I got paid from the booth too.  So let's see what sold last month:

12/03/13 Tuesday pyrex casserole
12/03/13 Tuesday 2 vintage ornaments
12/03/13 Tuesday vintage ornament
12/05/13 Thursday salt and pepper
12/07/13 Saturday hi santa stocking
12/07/13 Saturday homestead pyrex casserole
12/07/13 Saturday cookie cutter snowman
12/10/13 Tuesday ceramic christmas tree
12/10/13 Tuesday gary screw bolt crate
12/11/13 Wednesday clabber girl tin
12/11/13 Wednesday nabisco tin
12/13/13 Friday lustreware pepper shaker
12/13/13 Friday santa mug
12/13/13 Friday vintage santa doll
12/14/13 Saturday polaroid land camera
12/14/13 Saturday Bell & howell movie camera
12/14/13 Saturday turquoise HA mug
12/15/13 Sunday 2 vintage ornaments
12/16/13 Monday 7 jello molds
12/17/13 Tuesday pair empire blowmold snowmen
12/17/13 Tuesday 2 putz houses
12/17/13 Tuesday 2 putz houses
12/17/13 Tuesday nancy drew book
12/17/13 Tuesday vintage ornament
12/18/13 Wednesday nancy drew book
12/18/13 Wednesday 2 boxes shiny brite ornaments
12/18/13 Wednesday hankie
12/19/13 Thursday hazel atlas cream sugar
12/19/13 Thursday pyrex butterfly gold creamer
12/19/13 Thursday ceramic head santa
12/19/13 Thursday 1968 empire santa blowmold
12/20/13 Friday vintage ornament
12/20/13 Friday 5 cookie cutters
12/20/13 Friday blue white salt and pepper
12/20/13 Friday dancing santa
12/21/13 Saturday 8pc AH snack set
12/21/13 Saturday pyrex butterprint casserole
12/22/13 Sunday oil lamp
12/22/13 Sunday aluminum ice cream scoop
12/22/13 Sunday vintage ornament
12/23/13 Monday planters peanut tin
12/23/13 Monday 4 med pyrex pink band plates
12/23/13 Monday 4 lg pyrex pink band plates
12/23/13 Monday pyrex pink band veg bowl
12/27/13 Friday santa head blowmold
12/28/13 Saturday FK vase
12/28/13 Saturday haunted bridge book
12/28/13 Saturday red handle sifter
12/29/13 Sunday 4 pink HA dinner plates
12/29/13 Sunday jadeite sugar bowl
12/30/13 Monday 2 bottle brush wreaths
12/30/13 Monday 2 vintage ornaments
12/30/13 Monday 2 vintage ornaments
12/30/13 Monday 2 boxes shiny brite ornaments
12/30/13 Monday tree topper

It was another good month at the booth, so no complaints here.  January is going to be a long month with no holidays, so it may be a little rough.  Hope the V-Day display helps.

We're preparing for a massive snow storm to hit here in Central Indiana tomorrow evening through Sunday.  They're predicting around 12 inches.  The mall owner sent emails to all the dealers letting us know he will close, if necessary.  That for sure doesn't help sales.  

So with all of this in mind... I'm trying to ramp up the neglected etsy shop before I head back for spring semester on January 13th.  It has gave way to the Christmas etsy shop for the last 2 months.

Time to go stockpile bread, milk, and eggs.  Ya know, in case I want to make french toast.


  1. Your booth looks wonderful? Don't you love this Midwest weather? I'm in Iowa and it is so cold and we're suppose to get some snow too but doesn't sound like as much as you! ~~Pam

  2. I would love to come upon your booth - looks great!

  3. Happy 27th Melissa!

    I think you V day display is great and it adds interest.
    It would draw my eyes in and I would then want to see what was beyond it.

    Thanks for showing your sales. That's really helpful for me- a hopeful future booth lady. ;)

  4. Did you know you have your word verification turned on? I found out recently that some people don't know theirs is turned on so I thought I'd say something. I just moderate my comments. I've been blogging since 09 and I've never gotten any spam. ♥

  5. Happy birthday and hope it was happy. Mine is right on your heals but about double your age (you young thing)
    Good luck with that crazy weather headed your way!

  6. girl i love that large cabinet w glass doors!!! is it for sale ???? i have just the right spacer for it...

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope you bought yourself something nice and vintage-y!


    Yeah for good sales and cheese cake. And fixing the type writer yourself...holy crap Ms. Handy Women, get on with your bad self!

  9. Happy birthday!!! Hope you're managing to dig out from the snow. Your booth looks awesome -- is this the one in Carmel? If so, I need to check it out. I love that mall.

  10. Your booth looks great--so neat and tidy, and your displays look really nice. Happy Birthday, Diana

  11. You have a knack for display, it looks terrific. Congrats on all the sales. You could put fabric on the backs of the shelves, too. I've never seen a cursive typewriter, that's really cool. Featuring you on my Link Party Features Pinterest Board this week! Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  12. You are way ahead of me in regards to Valentine's decorating! Thanks for showing your December sales....very interesting! You did well.....


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