Friday, August 8, 2014

The August Holiday Push #2

So, as I told you a week ago, I am trying to get up as much holiday stuff as I can before I head back to school.  I planned to list something every day, but let's be honest, that's pretty hard.  After you photograph and edit 20 different items, you don't even want to think about listing them.  I've also decided to give myself a break on Fridays and Saturdays.  Who wants to worry about listing when there are so many other fun things going on: buying items for my new "XXX" booth, doing a little traveling, and just enjoying what's left of my summer.

I started a new system for listing all of these items last week and I hope it will keep me organized.  I'm putting everything in a zip-lock bag (with the exception of the large items) and putting a label on the outside with a description, dimensions, the date I listed it, and weight (for shipping).  The large items are getting post-its with the same information.  It helps me remember what has been listed and what hasn't.

This is a shot of my "office."  This is it looking rather tidy.  Ha!  I have been known to completely forget where I put something, especially if it's small, after I list it.  I once had to tear apart that room looking for a tiny box of Dennison labels.  Several hours later it was found.  In another room.

But, anyways, to keep myself honest, I'm sharing what I'm doing here.  Since last Friday I have listed 2 Halloween items and 22 Christmas items.

This is one of 2 Halloween costumes that I listed.  It rounds out what I have for Halloween items too.  They're so hard to come by!

I had 7 strands of mercury glass beads to list.  I wish I had found more this past year!

I also listed 5 handmade Christmas corsages.  This is my favorite.  I have a total of 8 for sale.

I'm selling these mini winking Santa face mugs as a set.  I found them all mostly at different times to bring this lot together.

[buy me here]

I also just listed plenty of ceramic figurines yesterday.

That's it for now.  Check back next week to see how much stuff I've got listed.  And if I've gotten any more organized.  Doubt it.


  1. Oh, I soo understand your plight in the photo/description time hog, and your frustration in looking for something like the labels. I swear, with working through all my basement stuff, I KNOW I have a baggie full of hardware that I placed somewhere that I have lost and found at least twice. It's currently still lost, and I've gotten through almost all of the boxes, smh. I know it's right where I put it. I leave myself postit notes on my desk for stuff like this, and even use an app for notes - separate on my Android and iPad. I'm getting to the point where I don't remember where I've left myself all these notes! Have a great weekend. I'm heading for the basement and more of the purge.....

  2. Wow you are organized. Nothing worse than having an item sell and not being able to find it!

  3. You are so on the ball. I might get around to listing my Christmas stuff next March! I organized all my Etsy items into two giant bins and now have not clue where anything is. I may go back to just letting sit around.

  4. LOVE that Halloween costume! Great Etsy store- you've inspired me. I've been wondering if I should start one- do you feel it's worth the time it takes?


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