Monday, September 8, 2014

A Few Weekend Finds

Wow, there was hardly anything going on in the sale department this weekend.  I was pretty disappointed.  There were 2 estate sales but neither looked promising, especially since I wouldn't be able to hit them until Saturday (half price day).

However, I was browsing Craigslist on Friday night and I came up with what looked to be an amazing garage sale.  Also, it was in a really nice, older part of downtown Indianapolis.  Well, the sale said it started at 8, so I was there right on the dot.  I didn't see anything set up in the yard, driveway, or garage area.  There were a few boxes on the front porch and the front door was open, so I curiosity got the best of me and I walked right up.  The lady had not brought a single thing out of her house, she left it all right where it was.  There were a few people browsing, so I walked on in.  I tried to be friendly and talk to the lady hosting the sale.  I asked her how her day was so far and why she was selling all of her treasures.  "I stayed up really late trying to get the sale ready and then all you people show up right at 8am AND I have to move."  Well, okay.

So, I took a quick walk around and noticed not a damn thing was priced.  By this time some of (what appeared to be) her friends showed up and she was chatting with them, like there weren't 5 strangers browsing her house.  I tried to ask her how much an item was and she got really snippy with me "That's McCoy!  It's expensive!"  So, this whole experience was turning a little sour at this point.  I managed to drag together a few items and said, "I will give you $20 for these few items" which was AWFUL generous for what I had picked out.  I was also the first one brave enough to attempt to buy something from her.  The rest of the shoppers seemed rather skittish.  She picked up each item and examined it carefully and FINALLY (after was seemed like eons) gave prices.  By the time she was done adding everything up it was going to cost me $45.  I guess I looked shocked.  "Well, I'm not going to give these things away for free.  They're worth a lot of money."  Then I finally spoke, "You advertised this as a garage sale, not an antique shop.  I, and I'm sure many others after me, are going to be fairly disappointed.  I'll pass on all of it."  So, as I walked out, so did the other 4 shoppers.  I don't think she really wanted to sell anything.  I just figured it wasn't worth my time at that point.  I was wasting precious garage sale hours!

So, after that ordeal, I headed to one of the estate sales that was opening at 9.  When I got there, there was no line, but it was awfully picked over.  I did manage to pick out several things.  I drove over to the next estate sale that opened at 10.  I was happy I waited until half price day.  The gal the ran the sale has a reputation for pretty high prices.  I think it scared off people, because again there was no line for me to get in.  I was able to grab a lot of stuff!  She ended up even throwing in a few freebies - such as a GIANT bag of bubble wrap.  Free shipping supplies?  I'll always take those!

 I got this fun, chippy green side table.
It now resides on the bf's side of the couch.

 I fell in love with these decanters.
I think there has originally been a whole set.
But, the others had sold on Day 1 of the sale.

 I ended up with a McCoy piece.
And it wasn't really expensive. :)

I LOVE these "I Saw Santa at Blocks" Fire King mugs.
I don't know if I can part with them.
Blocks was an Indianapolis department store.
It opened in 1896 and closed in 1987.
From 1987-1993 it was a Lazarus.
In 2003 the building became luxury apartments.

I first picked these up just for the boxes.

I was pleasantly surprised that they still had their contents.

Instant relatives.

 A stack of books from estate sale #1.

Some of the recipes sounded awful.
Tomato Soup Cake...
Chicken Velvet Soup...
Creamed Tuna...

The non cook books.

And a lovely pair of screw-back rhinestone earrings.
I'll be keeping these.

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  1. I'm glad you spoke up and told that woman how it was. I'm also glad you didn't pay her prices.

    When ever someone acts like that with me and won't come down on price, I always decline and lay the stuff on their table and walk away, thinking to myself "Yeah, well I hope you're still sitting with that on your table when the sale is over." LOL!

  2. Thankfully, most sellers aren't like that first woman! You did find some great all the Santa mugs. The vintage ones are getting scarce around here.

  3. It sounds like the first woman had been coerced into selling her stuff. Great finds as usual. Have you ever added up just how many Santa mugs you bought ever? My favorites are the vintage boxes with the cool graphics. Thank you for bringing your haul over to Make It Monday. It made my day!

  4. You found some nice Christmas items, Melissa! Thanks for linking up to our first Make It Monday!

  5. You did the right thing to walk out of that first sale. Crazy people. Glad you found some things and I love the Santa mugs!

  6. Good to hear someone else get upset with garage sale prices and not buy! If they think their junk is so valuable, why don't they consign it or eBay it!
    I like the side table, but as much as I ♥ green it would have to be repainted!
    Have a great week, Melissa.

  7. Well after what sounds like a pretty rough star to the day, I'd say you found some real treasures! Love the little table and the 2 large Santa mugs bring back some memories. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party!

  8. All in all, you did great! Love those vintage boxes and the Santa mugs...keepers for sure.

    I went to one sale like that, when you asked the price of something, the seller would decide it wasn't for sale after all, lol. That type of person really needs to hire someone to do their sale. She probably still had a house full of stuff at the end of the day. Good for you for speaking up. :)

  9. I've spoken up a time or two before to rude sellers with overpriced merchandise with condescending attitudes. I even earned a few applause once!

    Love those Fire King Santa mugs. SUPER unique and I totally don't blame you for wanting to keep them.


  10. I hate non-garage sales too! Your Blocks cups are too cute to sell! That left ornament is gorgeous.

    Also your instant relatives? All creepy. Disown them!

  11. I love all the treasures you found, especially those ornaments and the pretty rhinestone earrings. I've had the same experience on more than one occasion. Not sure what people are thinking sometimes when it comes to letting go of their things. Good for you for not buying into any of it. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. Glad you still managed to find some great stuff. I love the Santa mugs and the green chippy table!
    How great that you spoke up to the first lady. I hate those kinds of sales.

  13. I think you're right, that lady did not want to sale a thing. Glad you found goodies elsewhere! The green table is cute and I love those vintage boxes. The contents were a bonus! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Your retort to the lady "selling" things at her house was spot on. I always dread the words, "That's really old," or "That's worth a lot of money," when approaching sellers with un-priced items. On another note, found a very similar green table to yours not long ago. Sold very quickly in one of my booths.


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