Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Moments From the Shiny (Brite) Stars TV Debut!

Hey all!  Were you were able to catch the Shiny Brite's TV debut last night on The Fosters?  I was a proud momma and took many photos.  So, if you missed it, here they are for you to see!

She's holding this exact box!

An empty Coby box sitting there.  
These beautiful pearly white ornaments were used a lot on the tree.

Also above was this box.
I was really sad they didn't feature these beautiful ornaments.

Original picture from my etsy shop.
See the pretty green mica one above?

She's holding one of these, but they put pink in instead.

She's holding one of the many empty boxes I sold.

Another empty box above in a shot.
See the bright orange sticker?
That's how I knew it was mine!

The prop buyer requested lots of empty boxes.

So glad that at least one of the garlands made a debut.

This is the best tree shot I can get.
They did use most of the ornaments purchased from me on it!

So, plenty of my Shiny Brite babies that traveled out to Burbank (Warner Bros Studios) didn't make it on the show, but as you can see, many of them did!  I've sold to magazines, movie studios, etc. before, but to date, this has been my best (most viewed) showing!

Thanks WB for helping me keep my dream of doing this for a full-time gig alive.
Contact me any time.  Especially if it's for more Shiny Brites.


  1. Now. they will keep these to be used on future their TV shows & movies years to come? I adore the green ones & pink ones. Thanks

  2. How fun Melissa! I am glad you took photos as I forgot to watch! Have a great week.

  3. That's awesome Melissa! Always thought that would be such a fun thing to do.

  4. That is so freaking cool and awesome that you have pics to go with the story!!

  5. Congrats! Love hearing the stories of how people use vintage items in their new lives! This time, you get to see it as well. Fabulous!

  6. What fun! I bet they get used again, and the others that weren't used this time also. Congrats! Do you feel famous? ;)


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