Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Junkin' Road Trip

I took Friday off from work and joined my mom and my aunt to go junking from my aunt's house 2 1/2 hours (about 150 miles) back to my parents house.  We got started about 9am, a little before most antique stores and flea markets open... hoping we would catch a few people opening early.  Luckily we did!  Check out what I bought below!

 It was a MAJORLY good day for Pyrex.  My best in quite awhile.

 Even though Early American is kinda ugly (sorry to those of you who like it) I will always pick up a casserole or fridgie if it has a lid.  I'll pick them up without lid only if they're REALLY cheap.  I only pick up the bowls really when it's a full set.

I truly love McCoy pottery.  The colors.  The patterns.  I just love it all.  I only collect the planters that look like actual planters.  I have my great aunt's cereal bowls that she used for years and years.  I really wanted to keep this one, but decided not to... for now.  If it's still there when I go back, I may have to get it.  Even though I don't need another collection that is getting out of control (ie: my McCoy planter collection).

Can you believe I found TWO Heinz promotional casseroles in one day?!  You guys don't even want to know what I paid for them.  The flameglo Pyrex is in absolutely mint condition.

Another piece of McCoy - this turquoise vase.  My second one I've picked up in the past several months.  The last one sold within a week of it going to the booth.

What do you do when a dealer is at their flea market booth and pulls out a ton of something (these 24 Price Albert tins)?  You ask "How much if I buy them all?"  I added them to the 10 or so I already had in the booth.  He also threw in these 3 cute enamel mugs.  I love having little things like these for the guys shopping with their wives/girlfriends/etc.  You don't see a lot of them buying Pyrex around here.  Although, I did sell the primary fridgie set to an older gentleman on Sunday afternoon.

This was another purchase from the same dealer with all the tins.  This will be part of one of the centerpieces at my wedding.  I'm picturing it filled with mums.  We're going to use stoneware crocks, oil lamps, ball jars with candles.  Any other suggestions you guys would be cute added to the centerpieces?  My goal is to make them all different and to mostly use stuff I already have.

Finally, here's my keepers.  This Hazel Atlas shaker joins it's missing mate in my Hoosier cabinet.  I also found these 6 brooches at our first stop on Friday.  Aren't the colors fabulous?

On Sunday mom and I decided we were going to rearrange all the stuff in my booth (besides the furniture, since we tried that last week and found this is basically the best configuration).  We also brought in everything I bought Friday and a couple weeks ago from the Greater Indianapolis Garage Sale.

Here's what the new booth looks like after a few hours of rearranging...

 Ok, so wedding season is coming up and I had enough letters for a Mr and Mrs.  I really hope a couple picks this up for their reception.  I want to do something like this for my wedding, I just want all the letters to be large like the M's.

Here's what the old booth looks like after rearranging...

That's all I've got for you this week.

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  1. My, what a haul, Melissa :) Love your centerpiece idea, perhaps they will need some kind of vintage trays to coral all the pieces--wooden or metal or wicker? Your booth (booths?) look great--neat and tidy and full of wonderful things.

  2. Your booth looks amazing and always full of fun stuff. I don't know how you let it all go!

  3. The Mr. and Mrs. would look great as a photo background. What about tin picnic baskets for the tables? I thought I spied one in your booth. I thought I bought in bulk, but I bow to the Queen.

  4. I love how you are constantly restocking your booth. That never seems to happen at the antique malls around here!


  5. Your booth must be the best I've ever seen, no fear of seeing anything like that up this way!!

  6. I took vintage frames and added sheet music and other ephemera and used as trays to hold flowers and candles at my daughters wedding- each table was different.

  7. Really a great haul Melissa! The centerpieces are going to be so fun! I could see some old enamelware and maybe a rolling pin or two as well. And of course old typewriters with love letters. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Your booth looks so inviting, wish I lived close enough to come shop. Love all your new finds, especially the flower pins.

  9. I used McCoy flower pots with flowers arranged in them as my centerpieces. I also used some milk glass vases with flowers in them in some other places. And I used galvanized watering cans with sun flowers on the floor in some other places.


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