Monday, April 6, 2015

First Flea Market + Estate Auction

There were slim pickins in auction, estate and garage sale land this weekend.  The weather wasn't terrible.  Think it mostly had to do with the holiday that was yesterday.  Happy Easter to all of you! -- I was traveling all day, so I'm a little late with the holiday wishes.  Anyways, I did get to go to the first flea market of the year and an estate sale auction that I only found out about by word of mouth from other junker friends.  For some reason it was very last minute and didn't get listed on auctionzip or anything.  I'm very lucky to have junker friends who look out for me.  Well, being that it was about the only sale going on, the big buyers came out to buy, so I didn't get to buy several items I had my eye on.  There was one particular buyer who only see around from time to time (because he generally sticks to buying from only a few auction houses) that literally was bidding on ONLY the things I was bidding on.  Just when I think I won something, he'd outbid me.  It started to anger me so much, that I started to bid on many things that I didn't want.  He got stuck with all of it too... which makes me think that he was trying to prove something.  Who knows.  Enough of the story... here's my buys from Saturday.  Wish I had come home with more, but I wasn't about to overpay just to prove a point.  I'll leave that to the other guy.

It was a good day for Pyrex.  Luckily they sold it all before that dude showed up, so I got all of it for an extremely reasonable price.  I was pretty happy to get an extra casserole lid on top of the Early American bowl.

I'm pretty sure I have an extra primary blue 401 sitting around somewhere.  If not, they're pretty easy to come by.  I have like 4 DWD (dishwasher damaged) ones that the fiancee uses for cereal, soup, and of course, ice cream.  I've never bought a Hazel Atlas dots bowl before.  This one had lots of silver scratches on the yellow dots.  I'm going to try BKF to see if I can fix it.  If not, it still displays nicely.  You can't see the scratches unless you hold it up to your face.  Plus the price was right - $1.  I only got the bottom to the butterprint 502 fridgie at the auction.  I was happy I had a spare lid at home.  Jadeite is getting harder and harder to find.  These 2 pieces went for a song, since there's a hairline crack in the small swirl bowl.  It still displays fine, so someone may want it as a placeholder in their collection.  I have had no problems selling chipped or cracked jadeite in the past.

Lots of red.  Just what everyone needs for a summer camp out.  Aladdin thermoses, a Dietz lantern, and a tub of lard.  ;)

I've bought this West Bend canister set before, but I've never bought the matching salt and pepper shakers.

 Mantiques!  These were all purchased at the flea market from a good ol' junker Randy (that's what he calls himself) that I see at the auctions from time to time.  He usually buys up all the scrap and the boxes of stuff no one wants.  Its amazing what he digs out and brings to the flea market.  The ammo case was for one of my brothers.  Got it for about 1/3 of what they normally go for.  The 2 oilers have already been sold to one of my lovely followers on Instagram.  As soon as I posted the picture, she inquired about buying, and I was happy to sell them to her.  That goes for the rest of you too!  If you ever see anything you'd like - shoot me an email (envelope button off to the right) to inquire about a piece and I'll let you know if it's for sale and if it's still available.

 Randy's wife had these large matching green depression drawer pulls.  I was happy to buy them from her.

Finally, I got these yardsticks at the auction for a song.  There's only 2 fairly old ones in here.  I can't decide if I want to save these for the gazillion yardstick projects I've pinned on Pinterest or if I want to go ahead and sell them, so that someone else can use them for a project (or whatever!).  I'd love to make 2 barnwood nightstands and use these as the top.  I've gotta convince my dad to help me build them, though.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Love your junkin' finds, Melissa. I actually love scouting out mantiques, and have quite a stash that I keep hanging onto, and they sell well too. We also have a junker friend named Randy - we call him Randy Dandy, lol. Have a great week.

  2. Great finds! I especially like the green depression glass knobs and yardsticks. sb

  3. I was cleaning out my office the other day and found a huge bundle of old yard sticks that I totally forgot I had. For a while, I was picking them up whenever I found them for cheap with the same Pinterest ideas in mind :-) Funny how we forget what we have.


  4. You did good! Love those green knobs and the yardsticks. Yardstickso are so hard to find around here and they're so expensive. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  5. Just look at the first aid kit! Adorable finds :)

    I hope you'll find the time to link up with us this week:


  6. Just stumbled across your blog and like it. I was born to treasure hunt, plain and simple. Over the years I have bought and sold gazillion yard sticks and still can't pass them up. Saw a very cool DIY where the crafty soul took a a table with a lip around it and laid out a new top of reclaimed and dressed up yardsticks. When finished and waxed it had tons of character and a whole new life! I'll be back... Happy day!


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