Monday, April 27, 2015

Garage Sale Haul + One Special Auction Buy

There wasn't much going on sale-wise on Saturday, due to the weather forecast.  It was a tad cold and misting all morning which turned into heavy rain by midday.  The auction I planned to attend was postponed to another day.

Even though the weather was a bit dreary, I was able to hit some sales on my way up to auction I never planned to attend... but they had one very special item that I had to have.

At the first stop I picked up this large metal American Chain Center sign.  The graphics are fun.

 One of my stops yielded lots of great old books.  My stock of fiction was running low.  I had replenished my text book and non-fiction a little over a month ago.

Although this set is non-fiction, they're intended for children.  I love having some things in my booth for the kiddos.

At one stop, I bought all of the vintage items the woman had in her garage sale (pictured above). 

As I was paying she asked if I liked old stuff and what I liked.  I told her I like vintage Christmas and kitchen.  I'm so glad I told her because I got all of this.

 I also got all of these vintage kitchen tools.

  At the same stop as the Christmas and kitchen tools I also got the postal scale.  The fenton hobnail vase, old ketchup bottle, Green Bay Packers mug, and Lefton Miss Dainty shaker came from a free pile at one sale.

The 444 Pyrex Balloons bowl was the one item I stopped at an auction for.  I got it for a steal.  I don't think I'll be letting it go anytime soon.  Why am I started to keep pieces that I had no problem selling before?  I don't even collect turquoise!

These items will be for my wedding.  This crock water jug will hold iced tea or lemonade.  I'm also dead set on serving everyone's dinner on vintage floral china, like these.  I've got about 10 so far.  I need 100.  I'd also like smaller plates/saucers to serve dessert/rolls on, as well.  That would mean I'd need about 200 of those.  Saucers are a lot easier to come by than dinner plates. 

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  1. Nice haul, Melissa! Hefty goal for the wedding dishes. I hope your motto will be "Break the dishes!" instead of "who's doing the dishes?" Maybe put them all in a big trough and spray them down?

  2. Love your idea for wedding dishes. When I lived in Florida, our local Goodwill had enormous stacks of old dishes, priced so cheap. The clerks said it was all the retirees moving down with too many dishes, lol. Good luck getting yours. Love the crock for tea also. Great finds all!

  3. That sign is AMAZING! And you totally have to keep that Balloons bowl. It's getting to be one of the more sought after pieces for sure.


  4. Great finds! Love the idea of using different pieces of china for your wedding. Good luck finding everything you need!


  5. Wow! I am so jealous of all the vintage Christmas you got! I might have to start asking for it while I am thrifting. All of your other items are great the kitchen tools and the turquoise bowl. That is a tall order of dishes to find. When is your wedding?!

  6. Great buys, Melissa! We know you love your vintage Christmas, so you must've been very happy. Great selection of books and I love the crock water dispense. It'll look so cool at your wedding :)

  7. Wow Melissa, you really scored big! Love all of the vintage Christmas and kitchen items. An IG I follow had a set of those cute girl shakers listed for $30 plus shipping. I loved them, but didn't want to pay that much. I have 6 of those same plates with the scalloped edge that you are using at your wedding. I found them at a thrift and love them as well, but if you don't find enough I could part with them for your special occasion. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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