Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Finds from the Indiana 38 Sale

Mom and I left bright and early Saturday morning.  The sun was barely up.  We hit the third day of a family run estate sale.  I managed to snag quite a few things still.  The prices were great.  I wish I had gone on the first day, because I'm sure I missed some great stuff.  As I was paying the lady said "Oh, you found some Christmas stuff.  I thought we sold all of that when we had the first sale."  She proceeded to tell me that they had a holiday only estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  It was ALL vintage.  They had 3 rooms full of stuff.  UGH... AND I MISSED IT!

After the estate sale, we went up to Noblesville, where the start of the Indiana Highway 38 Sale started.  We drove from there to New Castle and hit tons of sales!  The prices were pretty good at most places... but it's pretty amazing how quarter, fifty cents, and dollar items add up!

I shared these above 2 sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram yesterday.

Here's half of it!

You may recognize the Pyrex bowls.  Mom bought those at a sale a couple of weeks ago for fifty cents each!  I am really excited for this wedding topper.  I bought it at the estate sale.  The lady said it was her mom and dad's from 1949.  I can't believe she didn't want to keep it!

Adorable child's toy ironing board to match the toy iron I got a couple of weeks ago.  Gosh, Early American Pyrex is ugly, but when it's less than a buck, you buy it.  The 2 old green jars are keepers.  This is the first time I've found a Glasbake whipped honey jar with the lid.

Full set of mint condition Pyrex was one of the great buys of the day.  I've owned all of the bowls before except the orange 442.  The Anchor Hocking fired-on orange ball pitcher was a great buy also. It should match some fired-on juice glasses I have.  Those mercury glass beads down in the bottom right were what prompted the lady at the estate sale to tell me about the vintage holiday sale they had a couple of weeks before the estate sale I attended.

I found the crinoline at an antique store and it was 30% off and already marked cheaply.  I had to get it to go with the pieces I picked up in January.  See that little dog figurine with the 6 holes around it?  It's a cigarette holder!  I've never seen one and thought it was cool.  The McCoy planter will stay with me.  It's one I don't have... and for a buck I was happy to add it to my ever-growing collection!

 Now, onto the second half of my buys!

The typewriter needs cleaned up a little, but it still works.  3 more yardsticks to add to my collection for a one day project.

 All the tins and old boxes of nails were found by digging through the workbench and shelves in the basement at the estate sale.  Only one had a lid, but oh well.  I got a great deal on the crates... they are one of those things that I can't keep in my booth.  The green trim enamel bucket will be added to my collection. 

A couple of old wood tennis racquets... another thing that usually sells as soon as I bring it in.  A red trim enamel bucket which I think I may hold on to for my wedding decor and then sell it.  Also... a bunch of oilers. I think I have a good stock of these now.  I've never bought a bug sprayer before, but it was the right price, so I jumped on it.

When you see vintage games for a buck or less, you have to buy them... even if you definitely don't need another bingo card!

 Here's a good close up of the cases mom bought a couple of weeks ago.  They were at the same sale as the 3 fifty cent pyrex bowls.

Here are the insides.  I'll be doing some research on these and a few others and will likely list them on ebay... unless one of you is interested in buying them.

Not a bad haul, right? 
You can see my finds from the 38 sale last year HERE.

Have a great week!

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  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love your toy ironing board. I was drooling over a Disney Snow White one at an estate sale in January until I saw the price. $40! I also love the crinoline dishes and the ball pitcher. I agree, Early American is an UGLY pattern, and with the gold leaf, it can't go in the microwave; hope it sells. I can't say I'm a fan of the Town and Country pattern, either, but I do love the big orange and yellow bowls.

  2. You did really well, Melissa. Sometimes when you go out, do you just ever get there and NOT feel like picking it all up? I swear, I seem to be getting more and more that way. I hate that feeling, lol. I love those crinoline plates, a great addition to the load you got in Jan. Are you going to use that topper or start a new collection? :) One of my purse collecting friends has an entire glass case full of cake toppers from the past.

  3. Lots of great stuff. It's hard to find that much great stuff around here in a weekend. I'm jealous.

  4. I've never known anyone who bought as much as you do in just ONE day!! You're amazing. There's so much to love--the crates, the A.H. pitcher, and the enamel buckets--just to name a few. Happy shopping!

  5. Quite the haul for sure! My favorites are all the soda crates. They just remind me so much of Summer for some reason.

    It never ceases to amaze me what people will get rid of. I would have cherished that wedding topper had it come from my family!


  6. Wow, you really have been a busy hunter! Those Barbie cases bring back a lot of memories. I love your crates and, of course, the typewriter. You won't have any this for too long. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  7. Melissa, I would say you really scored! I would have bought all of the things you did, too. My very favorite is the enamel bucket with green trim. I used to collect graniteware years ago but have been slowly replacing some of it with enamel ware with green trim. I just love that stuff.

    Have a great week!! The wedding must be coming up soon.

    Hugs, Dianne

  8. So many awesome finds. The colors of the Barbie cases are so groovy. 😊

  9. You found so many great items!

  10. Awesome finds!! Makes the day so fun!!

  11. More crinoline! I'm jealous ;) Fabulous finds!

  12. I didn't know there was a hwy 38 sale, but then again, I'm a couple hours north. I have an uncle that lives in Dayton on 38. I can bring home a haul like yours in a day, if the sales & the deals are right! I'd be all over those enamel buckets & the crates too. ;)

  13. Melissa, you really did hit the mother lode! I have that same ironing board up in the playroom for our grands. Recently got one of the same Pyrex bowls with the blue motif. I will use if for June and July. Love the pink crinoline!! The enamel buckets and vintage games are fabulous too! The midge and Barbie took me back to my childhood. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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