Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Run Estate Sales & Sunday Auctions

So my mom was browsing her county newspaper Wednesday morning pretty early before she left for work.  I woke to a text message at 6:50A telling me about a family run estate sale that would start the next day at 7A.  I looked on Craigslist and the big city paper but didn't find it listed.  That's when I got excited.  It meant that I would only be battling people who read the small-town county newspaper.  It turned out that not that many people read it.  Mom and I were basically some of the first people there.  We got to pick out the good stuff.

Here's the pile I made, shelf included.  I got all of this for $15.  I love family-run estate sales.

These aprons look as though they were never worn.

When picked up the cocktail stirrers that daughter-in-law told me that her mother-in-law loved a good whiskey 7UP.  I loved the canister set. I also thought the holder, which looks like what chalk would sit in at the bottom of a chalkboard.  I just bought one last week... maybe I should sell them together?

So, I got one of these plaid thermos "picnic" sets on the 127 sale, but mine didn't have the plastic container in the middle.  It had 3 thermoses.  The new old stock box with "Your Formal Dress Shirt, Sir!" in it cracked me up.  Wonder if it would fit the fiancee for our wedding in a few weeks? ;)

I don't sell a ton of depression glassware unless I mark it cheaply, which I will.  I usually sell these sherbets for $2/ea.  Will probably use the pink depression candlestick in my wedding decor somehow.  It has a hairline crack in it, so I can't sell it.  Plus, those are 2 spare Pyrex casserole lids.

A few kitchen more kitchen items... Jewel Tea pieces, 2 Glasbake Hottles with lids!!, a cute Made in Japan poodle, a decorated pill box, aluminum coasters, and bakelite cake breaker.

I love buying some odd stuff - which is why I bought the hot water bottle in it's original box.  I also got a couple of old brushes and a spigot handle.

These were all in one box in the living room.  I only got one camera, but I sell a lot of accessories, especially camera bags.  Haven't tested the clock radio to see if it works, but I bet it does!


The last item from the family run sale were these earrings.  I don't really wear a lot of jewelry, but I just can't resit these old earrings when I see them and they're a good price.

Sunday I just couldn't sit in the house, so after getting home from brunch, I headed to an auction.  I got there about an hour after it started, but didn't really miss much except a bunch of tools.  Above is all that I came home with (except the shelf, which was from Thursday).

A Remington typewriter with all the paper work and an awesome old chair on castors.  I'll be using the chair in the photo booth at my wedding.

I also got some cub scout and girl scout uniforms.  I think they're fairly old, just by looking at the tags, but not sure of exact dates.

My weird (but I think it's cool) buy was this funeral/grave basket.  The color is perfect!  I also got a chip clip holder that spins.  I plan to use it for smalls in my booth such as post cards and other things that I bag up in cellophane.

The large wooden produce basket will be used at my wedding.  I also brought home a ton of cigar boxes.  I got a good deal on them, so plan on passing them along cheaply.  They will all be in the $3-$8 range, probably.

More cigar boxes!  And look at that Mohawk pillow cases box!  It still has the pillow cases in it.  I thought it was cool.  I also got the wood handled ice cream scoop.

I love when crates have their original labels.  I also love when someone adds a handmade handle.  It would be perfect for holding 6 berry baskets when picking berries.  Or it could hold 6 mason jars.  And yes, more cigar boxes.

That's it for my buys from the auction.  It's amazing how quickly $1 and $2 items add up at the auction.  I spent a little over 3 times as much at the auction!

Yesterday after work mom dropped off these 3 old wood tennis rackets.  She picked them up at a garage sale last weekend.  I sell so many of these.  I can't keep them in stock!  Including these, I've bought 10 in just the past 4 months!

Well that's it for this past weekend.  Thanks for stopping by to see all my finds.  You should check out my vintage wedding bouquet I made for my wedding.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.

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  1. Wow, so many familiar objects here! I have the tartan thermos kit, my Mother once had the avocado canisters, my boys were all scouts....Love those estate sales!

  2. Great post, thanks! Love to see what can be found in the midwest at estate sales! As you might imagine, we see less of the older things in California! I am interested to buy the box of Mohawk pillowcases. Let me know the best way to do that since I won't be able to stop by your antique booth! (mvanderlaan7 at gmail dot com)

  3. You found so many great finds Melissa! I love it when a garage or estate sale isn't very well advertised!


  4. what an awesome deal with so many awesome finds. I love the dishes the jewel tea is something that my mama used to collect
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  5. Great finds. I wish I had your knack for selling stuff.

  6. Somewhere around here I have my cub scout shirt and cap. You got some great stuff. Family run estate sales can be great, unless you get one of those families where everyone is fighting each other over stuff. I stood in line at a sale once while two sisters and a brother got into arguments about the prices that some of things had been marked. The sisters thought everything was too low and were trying to charge people more for stuff. As if! I totally love that shirt box. So funny! I have not been to an auction in ages. I need to go to one soon.

  7. Amazing, so many wonderful treasures. Wow, that typewriter was included in the $15 price? I love the family run sales also. Aprons, cigar boxes and that thermos set...heaven!

    Hey somehow I lost you off my blog list, dang google, but put you back in. :)

  8. I hope you have a big booth, because you sure find lots of good stuff!!!

  9. Wow, that's the way to shop! You sure lucked out at the country sale, and then again at the auction. I have a hard time passing up typewriters too. Fun treasures! Thanks for sharing everything at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. My goodness...that was one awesome estate sale. Thank you for sharing all your treasures at my party this week.


  11. Melissa, love all your finds. Family run estate sales are the best!! xo. Dianne

  12. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  13. I can't believe the amazing stuff you find Melissa! The family estate sale sounds fabulous! What fantastic bargains! I am in need of some Pyrex lids. Would love them if you are going to sell them. I have a collection of funeral baskets. My mom used them on the family graves so although these aren't the ones she used, they have sentimental meaning to me. I have one just like the one you got. I think the shirt would be darling put into a vignette at your wedding! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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