Monday, September 28, 2015

Vintage Typewriter Sickness

I didn't buy a damn thing this weekend, but my mom did!  Continuing a bad blogger trend, I forgot to take pictures of pretty much everything she bought, before I took it to my booth.  And again continuing the bad blogger trend, I didn't take many pictures of my awesome booth!

Anyways, here's a couple things mom bought from the auction (that I did manage to photograph):

I have a sickness.  That sickness is vintage typewriters.  My mom isn't helping any.  I've bought 10 (probably more) in the past year.

This bar cart is in absolutely perfect shape and even has electricity.  I'll be switching out the one in my kitchen for this one, since this one is nicer.

She also bought a ton of cameras and accessories, including a MINT GREEN Imperial Marx XII with flash and original box.  I debated keeping it for myself, but it went to my booth.  I don't think it will last long. Along with the cameras there were some box lots of vintage knick-knacks and a bunch of metal drawers.  Also, there was yet another midcentury metal shelf (seen below).  I now own 4 of the exact same midcentury shelves.  I should spray paint them all funky colors like I did to THIS midcentury shelf

Mom also saved me a sweet gift for my bridal shower (that I didn't actually have).

These were my dad's mom's tablecloths.  She died when I was about 6 months old (I'm 28).  I love that she saved them for me all these years.

On Saturday she helped me bring the stuff I bought last weekend to the stuff she bought on Friday.  I managed to snap 2 pictures.  Sorry I'm such a bad blogger this week.

Seen in the above photo is the midcentury shelf I forgot to take a picture of from a couple of weeks ago and also the one my mom bought Friday.  It was nice to have some shelving units to cover up the backs of these bookshelves.

I added a little Halloween to my booth.  Again - I'm such a bad blogger.  There was quite a bit more, I just forgot to photograph it!  I put up all the decor I got from an auction last November (click the link to see what I put up).

Well, that's it for this week... and GUYSSSSSS... I'm getting married in 19 DAYS! :)  You can check out my vintage enamel flower wedding bouquet here! You can also take a peek at my awesome wedding venue here.


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  1. Where are you keeping all the typewriters?

  2. You are not a bad blogger, just a busy one!

  3. Bad blogger!?! You go to school, work, and plan a wedding. I do not see how you have time to shop and run booths and online shops! I have a secret typewriter obsession. I loved typing class back in the 1960's and put myself through college typing for professors.

  4. Looks like my bad blogging habits are rubbing off on you. Sorry about that. I'll try not to stand so close. Vintage typewriters are one thing I never seem to find, unless it's at a price that would require me to sell a kidney. Best wishes for the last 19 days. I know at this point you're probably driving yourself nuts remembering all kinds of little things that need to be done.

  5. I have the typewriter sickness, too! I have probably bought at least 5 or more this past year. I hope you can relax the next 19 days as you wait for the wedding. You will be stunning!!


  6. I have the same typewriter illness. This is such an exciting time in your life with your wedding fast approaching. Thanks for sharing with us at VIParty.

  7. You've got some great finds there, I've only one vintage typewriter, a royal collecting dust on the top of my roll-top, but she looks so great there. Well wishes to you and your future Hubby, cant wait to see some shots from your wedding!

  8. Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!!!

  9. What a great cart! Would you like to join my new link up party at

  10. You have a good excuse for being a bad blogger. I mean, duh, you are getting married in 19 days! lol! The mint camera sounds fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. No, I can't believe you have only 19 days until your wedding!! And you're still shopping, selling, and blogging--oh my. You ARE Wonder Woman :) Hope all your plans unfold perfectly over the next few weeks. Love your typewriter. I'm wondering how they sell in Indiana? I've a few but haven't bothered to bring them to my booth since my feeling was they probably wouldn't sell well. Just curious :)

  12. Hi Melissa!
    I just found you through Kim's blog over at Snug Harbor...
    I spent quite a bit of time here looking through all your amazing finds and your wedding bouquet is so beautiful!
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Can't wait to see those photos!
    ps...that is a lot of typewriters, but we won't go into the things I collect! ;)

  13. I too have a sickness for typewriters. I've sold two in my booth and have one for sell now. There is a new vintage link party Vintage Charm starting up this coming week on Thursday October 15th at 8:00 AM and I would love for you to join at Your links will be seen on four vintage blogs. Hope to see you there.


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