Monday, October 12, 2015

Wedding Crunch Time

Hey Guys!  Can you believe it has been a little over a year since I got engaged?  Now, I'm getting married in FIVE DAYS!  I did a bit of preparation this weekend that I wanted to share with you guys, as I have no clue how many pictures I'll actually remember to take while I'm setting up and on the big day itself.

Friday night I accomplished putting together 12/14 centerpieces for the table.  I didn't finish the last 2 because I ran out of stuff I wanted to finish them up.  Are you ready to take a look?

After packing this one away and looking back over all the pictures, I think this one needs a book or 2 somewhere in the vignette.

After packing this one away and looking back over all the pictures, I think this one needs a book or 2 somewhere in the vignette.

Here's #13 centerpiece that I came up with after bringing together more supplies.

Here's #14 that I came up with.

Saturday my mom and I got up early to do the garage sales along the Covered Bridge Festival route.  You can read about my 2011 Day 1 and Day 2 finds, my first time selling at the Covered Bridge Festival in 2012, my 2013 finds, and my 2014 finds.

I did buy some stuff for my booth, but overall there weren't as many sales as there were in years past.  Also, a lot of the vendors we did come across had very high prices.  Some of the prices were higher than antique store prices!  We also finished buying up flower, pumpkins, and squash for the wedding decor.

 Look at all we picked out!

We magically fit it all in with the stuff I bought.  You can see the 4 cute child's chairs I bought.

A good majority of stuff gathered in one place for the wedding decor.  Can you believe I owned most of this before I even got engaged? There's plenty that's not pictured here that will be part of the decor.

Wood boxes for days!

 Here's some purple and white mums!

Here's the rest!
Mom went out and bought a bunch of smaller mums yesterday to help fill in small areas.

A project I completed yesterday.  It will be tied onto a suitcase on the gift table.

***UPDATE 10/13/15***

Here's what the banner looks like on the suitcase.

Here's what will be in the photo booth.  Check out the backdrop for the photo booth HERE (scroll to bottom).

Some more goodies from my collection for decor.

 And some more!

 And more!

Here's my "seating chart" sign.  Please, sit wherever. :)

Okay, so what do you think?  What do you like?  What am I missing?

Check out my wedding venue HERE
Check out my bouquet HERE
Check out my wedding signs HERE


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  1. I read your blog and follow on IG, but have never commented before. I'm excited to see pics of your big day! Thanks for sharing all the fun with your readers!

  2. Oh, Melissa! The centerpieces are beyond what I thought they would be. Yes, books as risers in each vignette. I hope you get into the venue Thursday to put all this together. It is going to look just like you.

  3. I cannot wait to see everything all put together and of course, YOU!!! Best wishes on your special day. Who is doing all the set up?

    My nephew is getting married on Friday so I'm flying out to Colorado on Thursday. October is a grand (and special) month for weddings!

  4. Oh it all looks wonderful and so unique! Can't wait to see more.. how exciting, 5 days! :)

  5. Congratulations Melissa! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures... you WILL post pictures right?? lol!


  6. Can't wait to see your wedding photos. Your centerpieces are so lovely and creative.

  7. Do you have your sign-in book? Hope so. That's all I can think of! Best wishes!

  8. I LOVE your venue, table decorations, photo booth..Love it all! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Congratulations and Blessing on your Marriage!

  9. Oh Melissa, it's all so wonderful!!! You & your mom are working so hard. I hope you have friends who will help you cart all that stuff there and back. I can still remember how tiring it all was for my daughter's wedding two years ago (the 26th!), and I didn't cart half as much stuff as you will be. I love the books with every vignette, they look terrific.
    You know what would be really cute? You know how people clink glasses for the couple to kiss> How about more cowbell? Having a cowbell on each table would be a whole lotta fun, just sayin', and it would fit right in with the barn and all your vignettes.
    Love all those wooden boxes. I have a fair collection of those too. :)
    Happy wedding day! May you be blessed with many, many years of fun together.

  10. So much planning and organization, Melissa!! You're a pro. Everything looks just wonderful; it's going to be so lovely and so reflective of who you are and what you love. Can't wait to see photos of the big day. I think you told me you're planning to come to our new link party--Vintage Charm--just wanted to remind you it starts this Thursday morning and we'd love to have you. If you can squeeze it in amongst all your preparations. If we don't see you this week, I know we'll see you after the honeymoon!

  11. I love all the vignettes. The ones that didn't have books, I think would be better with books. I love love the stuff you are going to use at your wedding. I hope you realize we expect tons of photos at a later date!! Have a great great wedding!

  12. Love your seating chart sign. I'm not a huge fan of being told where to sit, so this is perfect! It's so nice that you're able to use your own treasures to decorate the tables for your reception. Wishing you a beautiful wedding day!!!

  13. I love it all! Maybe I missed it, but are you by any chance having your wedding in a barn? Love that setting and with your d├ęcor, it is perfect!

  14. Love your suitcase for the cards and the giant scrabble letters. The seating sign is cool too, plus cute table decor. Your wedding looks like it will be fun!

  15. Hope your day was FANTASTIC, Melissa!!! And thanks for linking up to the first ever Vintage Charm party right in the midst of all your preparations--you are one amazing vintage gal :)

  16. Your wedding is over now but I know it turned out great and am dying to see the pics! Love the centerpieces!


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