Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Auction

You guys, I'm finally back to junkin'!  Woo!  Just in time for garage sale season to end and for the high-priced auction season to begin.  On Halloween, I had a few choices for auctions.  All had a small amount of stuff that I was interested in buying.  One started at 9AM and was an hour away.  Another started at 9:30AM and was 45min away.  The one I went to started at 10AM and was 30min away.  I like to maximize my sleep time, especially during those chilly mornings when it's so very hard to get out from under my electric blanket.

Anyways, I expected the auction to be highly attended, but it wasn't.  I wish I had more storage space or booth space, because all the nice vintage and primitive furniture was selling CHEAP.  There was also a very large collection of vintage breweriana.  I haven't dabbled in that area, but when the price seemed right, I jumped in on the bidding.  I'm now the proud owner of about 15,000 new old stock (yep - still in the package!) beer coasters (called beer mats in the UK).  Collecting beverage coasters is called tegestology.  If you're looking to purchase some - please contact me (click the big envelope off to the right side to email me).

I actually couldn't believe how valuable some of these are individually!  I've seen some pretty insane collections while I was researching these.  I think they'd look great framed on a white mat.

I also got these 2 framed bar towels.  There were boxes of unframed towels, but those went for a pretty penny.  Some are fairly valuable.  I haven't looked these up, but thought they'd be neat in a man cave.

I also got a few signs.  It doesn't matter the subject, I can't keep signs in stock.

 This one is pretty neat.  It's about 3.5 feet high

This sign came off of an old biscuit machine.

Not super old, but a fun sign, nonetheless.

Does anyone need vintage books?  I brought home 7 boxes.  They're all in great condition.  Did I make you proud, Donna?

 Some advertising tins and milk bottles.

 Some Americana.

 Lots of minis!  The turkeys are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Vintage toaster and rug beater.

 Child's stove and toaster.  I did not plug them in to see if they work, but the cords are not fraying or anything, so I bet they do.  I just didn't feel like starting an electrical fire last night.  Can you believe children used to play with stuff like this?  The original Easy Bake Oven!

 Lots of kitchen gadgets.  I was SUPER excited to get 2 of the glass bottom mixers.  I paid an arm and a leg for the one that's in my collection.  These were much more reasonably priced.  I have a spare bottom and was hoping the extra beater I brought home would fit it.  Too bad it doesn't.

 Rusty crusty lunch boxes.

 Cream cans and crocks.  The one on the far right is missing it's lid, but it would look pretty with a bunch of flowers in it.

And finally, a globe.  I know it's older but not sure how old, because I haven't done my research yet.  HERE is a great website to use to date your globes!

 Well, that's it for this week!
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  1. I am a "not up before 9 am" person! I work 3 days a week and have to be there by 10 am, so 9 am works well for me since I live 3 miles from work! I used to go to a lot of auctions years ago in California in the city of Orange but only a couple here in Oregon. They are fun and exciting.

  2. Melissa, You have some amazing auctions in your neck of the woods, lol. Love it all, but especially the beer mats. Great haul, you should make some good holiday money! What is it about the signs? Do you think folks are using them commercially, like in a cafe, or in their homes, or both?

  3. Talk about scoring. Like the americana and globe

  4. An auction in the morning!?! I might like that better than starting at 7 at night. Of course I love the books and if I was closer I would buy them from you. Love the rusty lunch tine and the costume sign.

  5. We never have auctions around here. I like the tins and bottles the best.

  6. Wow, Melissa, your auctions never cease to amaze me! Very cool breweriana! A tabletop or tray decoupaged with those on the bottom and sealed would be very cool. I immediately thought of Donna, too, on the books. Heck, she could do the tray or tabletop too. hehe Absolutely love that sign Small Closet Designs.

  7. 15,000? Wowzers that's a lot! Love those red and blue lunch boxes, I would have to keep those.

  8. Whoa, 15,000 coasters? It's a good thing they are small or you would have to rent a bigger booth or storage space!

    Love those old lunch boxes. The rustier the better in my book.


  9. What a haul...great job you did on these fun items. My mom and I used to go to auctions all the time, once I sat on a small chest I bought, because it came with 10 boxes of books the auctioneer insisted went with it, while my parents made an 1 1/2 hour round trip to come back and get me with a truck. Lesson learned, lol. Thanks, Sandi

  10. I'm not a morning person so I would definitely have went to the one that started the latest! LOL! Love all the neat stuff you found! I love the signs and the children's toys the best but everything is neat!

  11. Wow, some fabulous stuff here! Very different and all look very collectible. LOVE the rusty lunch boxes!

  12. I had no idea there was a name for beverage coaster collecting. Very interesting. You sure found some great stuff, I love the mixers and all the old signs!!! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  13. Oh you scored some great stuff! I have three of the mixer, choppers you shared. I know that I got a good deal on my green depression glass one. Paid $25 and a friend paid $45 for hers. Love, love the lunch boxes! What a haul of coasters. Love the tartan one! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. You are truly the queen of awesome deals, Melissa. It's fun to venture into a new area of collectibles, isn't it? You're absolutely right about those beer mats--mini pieces of art, for sure. I enjoyed all your finds, but 'm jealous as heck over your signs and the red and blue metal lunch boxes--I think I'm in love :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!


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