Monday, December 28, 2015

Looking Back on 2015

Hey all, if you're reading this, we're still overseas somewhere!  But, I wanted to keep you entertained while I was gone, so I thought I'd recap some of my most popular posts, favorite trips, and favorite finds from 2015.  A lot of bloggers do these types of posts this time of year, so I'm sorry if you've read 100 of these already.  Either way, I'm still gonna go for it!

My 3 Most Popular Posts of 2015:

It was no surprise to me that all 3 of my posts on the World's Longest Yard Sale were my top 3 posts from 2015.  I had a lot of comments and emails about them.  Some of the posts were shared on multiple outlets, including the big 127 Sale Facebook page which was then re-shared a ton!  Without a doubt, the 127 Sale was the highlight of my year of junking and thrifting.

10 tips for shopping, not only the 127 Sale, but ANY yard sale route.  These aren't just simple tips and tricks, either.  I go into a lot of detail to answer any questions you may have.

I did a breakdown of everywhere I visited during my 3 days on the route.  It yielded a TON of stuff at amazing prices.  I could've bought so much more, if I had more room!

Of course you wanted to see all the amazing stuff I scored during my 3 day trip.  I was so happy with this haul, I'll be borrowing/renting a larger vehicle and going for extra day next year!

My 3 Favorite Junkin' Trips of 2015:

Yard sale routes are my favorite.  You don't have to use your GPS to hop from one garage sale to the next all over your town.  You don't have to do a ton of research (the exception being the 127!!) and you just drive down one road all day.  You turn around and go home once your vehicle is full or people have packed up for the day.

My first time on the 127.  It rained all day the first day, but it was still the best.  I spent 3 days total on the route and it wasn't enough.  I will likely try a full week next year.

I spent 2 full days on the US 40 route this year.  I only covered US 40 in Indiana.  Next year I'd like to give Ohio a shot.  I hear that have some great sales too!

A local 35 mile garage sale route that I've had lots of luck on.  It was my second year doing this route.  Although there weren't as many sales as the year before, I still scored a lot of great items!

My Favorite Finds of 2015:

For $25 I brought home a 7 foot tall gold and silver aluminum pom-pom Christmas tree in original box, a huge box full of boxes and boxes of pink and aqua Shiny Brites, AND a working color wheel.

I bought an amazing chippy green cupboard that I wish I had space for in my house.  So, until I get a new house, it will stay in my booth.

I brought home a lot of great stuff, but nothing compares to this 1970s orange Zenith portable TV.

The story behind me buying this midcentury chair is just something I never thought I'd do... but when it comes to good junk, sometimes you just have to.

I was first in line at an estate sale and was able to bring home some very coveted pink and aqua Pyrex.  All the pieces have now moved on to new homes.

Thanks for visiting!  
I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday!



  1. It sure was a good year for you, Melissa, in more ways than one! How did I miss that orange Zenith TV?!! Awesome.

  2. Loved reading the recap. That orange TV is amazing!
    Happy New Year to you and new hubby.


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