Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finds from Marion, IN: Part 2

Hey guys!  I'm back to share the rest of my finds from an auction I attended last weekend in Marion, Indiana.  In case you missed Part 1... you can check it out HERE.  It took the weekend off from junking and me and the hubby took a quick trip to Phoenix, AZ to go hiking.  We go every year in February or March.  We hiked about 10 miles at the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve in between trips to In-N-Out and SunUp Brewery.

I know I showed you these last week, but here they are all laid out.  I've sold quite a few of them on Instagram.  See one you want?  Shoot me an email (click the envelope off to the right side).

Now... onto what I didn't show you yet!

Random odds and ends...

I just wanted to syrup dispenser.  I ended up with all of this.

They had a ton of vintage wedding cake toppers.  People were paying an arm and a leg for them.  So, I waited and got these 2 sets for $2. I LOVE the ones on the wired sticks.  The ceramic one is marked Occupied Japan.

You can never have too much bakelite silverware!  I'll sell these as sets of 3.

Not quite sure how to work this... but for $1... I'll figure it out!

40ish hand crocheted vintage doilies.  I can never have too many of these.

This baby food warmer was a surprise in a box lot.  Don't think it was ever used.

I'll never tire of tiny crocks.  Great sellers for me.

Anyone need a vintage postcard display book? I'm looking at you, Donna...

Unused vintage gambling punch cards.  I literally took a gamble on these.  Hope it pays off!  They will be headed to my ebay store!

Now, I know Christmas is long over... but I always say its never too late/early to buy vintage Christmas.

Check out all the chalkware nativity pieces I got!


Bits and pieces.

Tons of strands of vintage lights all neatly wrapped for me.  They all work too!  Just need a few bulb changes.

More random pieces.  I really like the blinking Christmas wreath in the original box.  It has a suction cup on it to put it in the back window of your car.

This piece has a place for a bulb in the back to light it up.  Looks like someone left it on too long - as Santa has a scorch mark below his mouth.

I got 4 of these!  Never seen them before.  Will probably save one for myself. :)

Okay, so that's finally it for the finds.  Hope I can find some junk worthy of being rescued this weekend.


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  1. My mother used to have those praying women salt and pepper shakers!! It also was a set with napkin holder and, I think, a butter dish.

  2. Every time I see odd nativity pieces I think of the line in "Steel Magnolias" where Darryl Hannah's character says that she found a bunch of mismatched manger pieces at drastically reduced prices,lol.

  3. Shall I count the postcard albums I have in my possession? Love the crocks and the chalkware nativity figures! Chucks and I were just a few minutes ago talking about the old punch gambling boards we used to see in stores growing up.

  4. Wow, you hit the jackpot! My favorites are all of the wonderful nativity chalkware pieces!

  5. LOL - I thought of Donna too when I saw the postcard albums.

    I'm a sucker for crocks....

  6. OMG great finds! I really love the vintage cake toppers and the Christmas stuff!


  7. That pile of doilies makes my heart skip a beat!

  8. Wow, wow, wow! I have a similar toy that I am not sure what it is for either. You really made a haul! I am interested in starting a chalkware angel collection. Any idea what or how much you'll be selling some for? Glad you will be sharing with SYC.

  9. That auction was a winner! Love it all!

  10. Great Christmas stuff! I do love those little wedding topper picks. Too cute and what a bargain!

  11. What a load of thrifty goodies! My favorite is the Tom Thumb typerwriter thingie, so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Talk of the Town.

  12. Wow! I love the wedding toppers and nativity chalkware--great finds! Thank you for sharing them at Vintage Charm!

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  14. Fabulous finds! My favorites are the bakelite flatware and the vintage doilies.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!


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