Monday, February 22, 2016

The Beast

Hello all!  I have an introduction for you today.  This gal joined my family this past week and deserves an introduction.  She was born in 2000.  She has lived with 2 other families prior to joining mine.  She is meant to be a great travel companion, but was left behind on many trips.  I promised that there are many, many miles of road ahead of her.  She is a grey beauty, but has not been properly cared for by her last family.  She sat outside for most of the winter.  When I met her, I knew she was meant for me.

Meet: The Beast.

 She will be my new junkin'/roadtrip vehicle.  She is quite spacious and will hold lots of treasures.

These pictures are from her first night at her new home.

 Extra wide side opening plus steps = bigger, better junk!

 These seats pop out quite easily!
She also also lots of mood lighting.

 This back bench folds down into a full size bed.

 Even with the bed folded down, she still yields lots of cargo space in the rear for more junk in the trunk, if you will.

 A selfie of our inaugural auction trip.
These captain's chairs are SO COMFY.

The Beast is awaiting my littlest brother's arrival home today.  He has been away with his job as a lineman for a couple of weeks now.  He is also an excellent mechanic.  She is anxious to get a spa treatment - fresh oil, new air filter, fresh brake fluid, new belt, plugs, etc... the whole works.

She did help me haul home these treasures Saturday.  The mid-century Eames style shell chair will be staying with me as my new office chair.  It needs new feet (I'm thinking these). The other treasures are already at my booth.

She also hauled home 4 other paper boxes of old bottles, 45 records, a jadeite mug, and other miscellaneous smalls.  Most required lots of cleaning and promptly went to the booth.


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  1. I kept telling you to get a bigger truck! The Beast certainly looks like a great junkin' buddy.

  2. Can't wait to see it full from the longest yard sale this year! Love to see your finds.

  3. We do need larger transportation in our business! She will hold plenty of treasures!

  4. You are going to enjoy the beast. It looks so spacious! I have a van where all the back seat fold down inside of it and make for lots of room! Now you may be coming home with more than usual!!

  5. I love the beast!! You are going to have so much room to haul junk and you can even sleep in it! I need one of those!!

    xo Dianne

  6. The beast will come in very handy! I used to cram things in my back seat which was always too small. Thanks for sharing with us on Thursday Favorite Things! Your post has been pinned.


  7. The beast is going to be such a big help with hauling all your treasures! Thanks for sharing at Talk of the that chair too!

  8. Congrats on the new addition! How great for hauling treasures home! Love the chair too! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss. Jo

  9. She's gorgeous, Melissa; I'm a little bit jealous--all that space to fill! Love your new Eames chair in turquoise. Your office must be awesome! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm :)

  10. Every family needs a "beast". We just gave our daughter my Element and we are missing having something to haul big pieces. My husband is now eyeing a neighbor's truck hoping that with a second baby they will want to ditch the truck,

    Have fun with your new addition and thanks for sharing at SYC.

  11. Its an amazing post.I really like your blog.Those pictures are really very amazing and you are going to enjoy the beast.


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