Monday, March 21, 2016

Coming Soon to the Southside!

Soon you Indianapolis Southsiders will be able to more readily be able to access my junkin' finds!  I'll be opening up a nice big space at Yellow Moon Antique Mall in Mooresville.  I'll be moving in April 1st.

I went to a couple of auctions this past week.  Last Tuesday's auction haul is pictured above.  I was able to take off work a little early to attend this auction only 1 mile from my house... and it was definitely worth my time!  Sorry I didn't get any other pictures of the stuff, other than this.  I got 4 yellow coke crates (one a rarer 12-slot crate - already sold!). Lots of 1970s-80s coke bottles, fire king glassware, some Pyrex, linens, 2 washboards... and several other nick knacks...

Friday evening I installed a little $4 curtain rod from walmart.  I had to make a few adjustments to make it work.  First, I had to flatten out the L-brackets with a hammer so they would fit up against the wall.

 See how it's pretty much in line to the back of my seat?

Because it was flattened out, I had to flip the right side one upside down for it to work.

Bought a pack of curtain clips and tested it with a queen-size sheet... a little big, but it worked!

 Protected the back seat with a twin-size vinyl mattress cover

 Put down an old rag rug to cover a majority of the carpet from the front seats to the back seat.  Used an old door mat I had from college to cover up the other bracket area where one of the middle captain seats bolts in to... otherwise I'd trip over it every time I get in and out!  It's starting to feel a little more like home.  Now, if she would stop wanting to take weekly trips to the spa (mechanic) that would be wonderful.  But, I'm happy that we're getting her running like she should be, so she'll be ready for a summer full of junkin' road trips.  I have many planned!

Added some milk crates in the back for storage.  That grey thing pictured, folds down and fits perfectly over them!

 Saturday I attended an unusual auction - held at a commercial dry cleaners.  They had been in business for a very, very long time, so they had lots of cool vintage industrial stuff and plenty of those large canvas laundry carts.  Unfortunately a lot of the cooler pieces were just too pricey.  But, I took home some neat pieces that were more in my price range.  For example, the piece of "fencing" (that's what I'm calling it) pictured above.  I'll use it in my new space to hang stuff on.  I'll be adding some vintage industrial hooks I got at the auction (they're in the picture below, but you may not be able to see them).

Some dollar items - who can pass on a wood shutter, neat old window, aluminum lawn chair, and various mini tool kits?

Not pictured - I got hundred of those 8-10 inch tall flat plastic letters that you use for signs.  I sell them like hotcakes... so I'll be working on pricing all of those for my booths!

Sunday mom and I took the Beast up to my booth on the North side of Indianapolis, we picked through my booth and took out things that I had multiples of that are now destined for my new booth, come April 1st!

 Just wanted to show you that I found the perfect curtain - a vintage tablecloth.  And all you vintage tablecloth collectors out there - I hope you notice the big ol' brown stain right in the middle of the white!  I have tried various ways to try and remove it - and nothing... it appears to be an iron burn mark.  So, for now, I like this as my "curtain."

Anyways, thanks for coming to visit.
Hope I'll have more for you next week!


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  1. It's great to have a vehicle perfectly suited to your needs. It's crazy how much industrial "junk" goes for, isn't it? Rust is the new gold. Nice score on those letters. I buy every $1 lawn chair I see. Good Luck on the new space.

  2. You did a good job rigging things up! I hope your new spot in the shop will be fabulously successful!

  3. Love the tablecloth as a curtain. Looks like if The Beast will cooperate, you have a traveling junkin' home for the season. Great news about the new booth!

  4. Great idea for the curtain! Congratulations on your new vintage booth; so exciting! Thanks for linking up with us at Talk of the Town.

  5. Good luck in your new place! I know you will do very well there too!

  6. Thanks for sharing with SYC and good luck on your new venture.

  7. Congrats on your new booth Melissa--your business is expanding!! Looks like your van is all set for your overnights--good thinking using a (vintage, of course) tablecloth for a curtain :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm--


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