Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Warehouse Pick

Friday afternoon I made a trip up to Windfall, Indiana to pick a local antique dealer's 2 warehouses full of good ol' junk!  I've picked her place in the past, but it has been a couple of years.  I spent a good 2 hours digging and here's what I came up with...

This massive collection of unused fruit crate, canned item, and soda bottle labels. 

Let me show you some of the graphics.  They're just so amazing and colorful.

See, I told you!

Anyways, here's the rest of the good stuff...

 Ahh, so much good new old stock and advertising!

I mean, HOW COOL is this display?  Can we please go back to the days of stuff like this?  You know, small town general stores, bright colorful displays, and these prices?

I found a whole box of these hair pin kits.

WWII era - asking you to save steel by reusing your hair pin kit.

The tiniest can of coffee.  Never opened.

So, I kind of went crazy and bought ALL of the baby oil bottles.  I just absolutely loved them.  And guess what... I can't find info on this brand of baby oil or baby talc (powder) anywhere.  Do any of you out there any blogland have any info on them?

 Because I never have enough of these.

 I bought this for the picture.
Okay, so the frame is pretty rad too. ;)

 I finally have aprons again!

 So, if you've known me for any length of time you know that I adore vintage Christmas.  This tiny village of putz houses is no exception.

 Check out this stash.  Too much cool stuff here.

 Odds and ends that didn't really fit into any of the above groups of items.

And, much like Diana @ Adirondack Girl at Heart, I can't resist a cheap piece of chippy wood.  These have not been cleaned.  I promise with a good hose down they look much better.

I saved the green pieces for myself.  I have a project or 2 in mind.  The 4 yellow are now available at my new south side booth.

So, I promised last week I'd finally get around to showing what else I bought at the auction I attended on Sunday.  I wasn't able to snap pics when I got home because it was pouring down rain.

 I got an old Singer sewing machine.  I took it apart.  I know, blasphemy, right?  But, it was honestly falling apart and the sewing machine disappeared ages ago.  So, now I've got this as a base for a new table.  I've got the perfect piece of marble for it.

 And I salvaged these off too.  I love that I was able to save their stands that they're in.  The sides of the drawers are so ornate!

 Plus a couple more ladders.  I've sold all but one here.  It still sits in the driveway.

On Saturday this past weekend I didn't have plans to do much.  I have kinda been burning the candle at both ends lately, so I decided to sleep in... much to the horror of all my dealer friends who exclaimed, "How can you sleep through all the good garage sales?"

 Because... I can always count on mom to find stuff.  She found me this globe for $2 at a sale Saturday morning she just so happen to pass (MOM - I know you're probably reading this and I still owe you $2 for this globe!)  Mom and I also went to a little pop up vintage market several hours after it had opened.  I was still rewarded the little tin tea set and the maple syrup tin.

After a quick 15 minute lap around the market, we went on to add more stuff to my south side booth, since several big pieces had sold.

Here's what it looked like when we left Saturday...

Oh yeah, this little metal shelf here I picked up for $2 at the pop up market too!

 Just as with my other booth, I know it takes time to grow a booth and make it what you really want it to be.  But, I can say I'm really starting to love it's look!

I finally installed some solar powered party lights in The Beast.  I just stapled them up to the padded material ceiling with a light upholstery stapler (which works great and is super inexpensive... if you need one, I totally recommend it) and 3/8" staples.

She's SO ready for an overnight junk trip somewhere.  I've got to plan one soon.

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  1. Love the rosebud crate label. After all, my name is rose. You have some unusual items! Great score on the sewing machine base!

  2. OH MY...such a great pick! Lots of eye candy and goodies!!

  3. Wow, what a haul Melissa! I have never heard of that brand of baby products either but they sure are cute! I have that same Giant Santa cookie cutter, it was in my booth over Christmas and didn't sell... maybe next year!


  4. Hey, Melissa. Great haul, as usual. Love to see your finds. Are you going to be selling any of the labels? I'd be interested in The Talk of the Town in photo No. 3.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is a jaw-dropping haul! Wow, what a pick that must have been. Love the old boards too. Thanks for sharing all your new goodies with Talk of the Town.

  7. This is overwhelming - I do not see how you could choose what to buy. Love the new booth.

  8. Thanks for sharing your treasurers with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Wow, you really did find some really great stuff. Love the fruit labels and the baby stuff is too cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Man, if I came across a stash of labels like yours I might have a heart attack. Are all the unused labels of the world hiding somewhere in the Midwest? I never see labels, ever. Jealous rant over. Thanks for linking up your finds and your booth at Vintage Charm :)

  11. You sure did find some amazing vintage items. I would be doing backflips if I landed on spot like this filled with so many cool things.

    Thank you for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Reinvented Collection

  12. I love all those fun labels.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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