Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Soggy Auction + The Rest of Last Week's Buys

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Did you guys get a chance to check out the blog hop I organized for last Friday?  We all wrote about the top 5 things we're hunting for at yard sales this summer.  If not, definitely look through the lists of everyone who participated.  I think the lists are a great indicator of the "hot" items or the trends you'll be seeing in vintage buying/selling right now.

To start, I think I still owe you some pictures of stuff I bought at, what turned out to be, a surprisingly good auction last Saturday.  So, let's get to it...

I can't resist old jars with fun lids like these!  They were all in the "free pile" at the end of the auction.  As in, someone actually left these behind and didn't want to take them home.  Who are these crazy people?

 From a random box lot I bought.  Melmac, ironstone, china pitchers, Frankoma pitcher, and a lone Fire King bowl.

 Some of my favorite auction buys.  THIS STOOL!  It is a Costco stool (and still has it's original paper label).  It will match my other yellow Costco stool.  This aqua metal child's toy phone is a keeper, I think.  I'll probably hang it in my office.  I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to keep this blender.  In the end, it ended up in my booth...

Available at my booth at the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall.

Box lot of kids items, 2 vintage Halloween masks, and 2 green depression cake plates.

 A box of vintage sewing notions and a vintage Bingo game.

 Two 1963 consecutive license plates.

 A box of vintage recipe books, cards, and clippings from magazines.

 Another favorite buy...

 A 42 piece set of Pfaltzgraff place settings in this amazing atomic pattern.
Does anyone know the name of the pattern?  It wasn't on the box...

Just wanted to incorporate some items I have saved from some recent auctions and thought this yellow chenille blanket that I got fit in quite nice.  Along with the blanket I got a large garbage bag full of vintage linens, towels, and doilies.  Some were too far gone.  I did save this sweet Hawaii souvenir hankie.

Just in time for Mother's Day.

Of course I attended another auction on Saturday.  It was pouring down rain all day.  Thank goodness for this tent!  The auction was run by a group of German Baptists (that I mistakenly thought were Amish)!  The auction was for a man that owned a small town IGA for ages.  He had it decorated with primitives.  He also saved many of the old containers that he once sold in the store.

I also helped a dealer friend set up for her yearly garage sale.  I was able to shop her sale before it opened.  :)

I got 3 boxes of pink, green, and yellow depression glass for a STEAL!

A sneak peek of something I bought and kept for myself... an amber colored Aladdin lamp.  I wish it were green.  Green is the color I really want.  I won't hold my breath, as Aladdin lamps get REALLY pricey.  This one was quite affordable, due to the color, I think.

I didn't get to get any good pictures of the stuff I bought, as it was still pouring down rain when I got home from the auction.  It went straight to the booths the next day.

Here's a mix of stuff I got the last 2 Saturdays at auction and my friend's garage sale.

This awesome super heavy scotch tape dispenser came from my friend.  I really debated about keeping this or not...

I got a box of vintage glasses this past Saturday and yielded some fun glasses, including this swanky swig.

Some of the depression glass from Saturday.

Not sure why I cut off the top of this picture, but I got these 2 advertising cans from the auction Saturday.

Hey - I finished this shelf from last week.  Look, I know it's not THE BEST looking shelf, but considering I didn't sand it beforehand (I was feeling lazy) it turned out okay.  I just didn't want to keep it the hideous chippy stained shelf that it was.

Finally got some more tennis racquets for my booth, courtesy of my friend's garage sale.

More tins from Saturday.

And more....

Box lot stuff from Saturday.

From the Singer sewing machine I took apart a couple weekends ago.

More box lot goodies from Saturday.

Yellow Pyrex hostess dish from Saturday.

Yellow fridgie came from my friend.  She also gave me an orange and 2 brown ones too.  Somehow I forgot to capture a picture of those.

Awesome candy container that was used in the IGA.

Another piece from my friend.

More depression glass from Saturday.

From my friend.

Bought for my brother for an upcoming gift.  Don't think he reads this thing...

I bought out my friend's stock of Pyrex lids.  15 of them to be exact.

She also had a pile of aprons that I can add to my stash from the warehouse pick.  I'll be washing them, ironing them, and getting them booth ready in the coming week.

One of my favorite tins from the auction Saturday.  It was never opened!  I'll post this bad boy to my ebay store.

I picked up several other things that I didn't get pictures of, so just use your imagination...

I'm pretty excited for the weekend to get here.  Not only do I officially get my diploma and graduate from my MBA program (I passed my Capstone with flying colors!) BUT... it is also the first yard sale route of the year.  Come back next week to see my (hopefully) big haul!


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  1. The prayers girls are the same my mother had for years! She had them in S&P shakers, and napkin holder but think she got rid of them as have not seen for about 20 years. Love the Cracker Jack tin!
    You sure got a lot of items!

  2. Great tins! I spied a large crock in the auction pic - I love those. I hope you sell as fast as you buy!

  3. You always get the best stuff!! SO many good things here. I'd want to keep too many for myself if i found them. LOL.

  4. Wow Melissa! So much great stuff.


  5. It's always a fun treat to see what you found. Love all your treasures, but my favorite has to be the toy phone. I wouldn't want to part with it either! Thanks for showing us your latest haul at Talk of the Town.

  6. You always find the best stuff.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  7. Great scores,,,,I love the toy phone too. If it goes missing, just saying!

  8. Great finds, Melissa! I especially love that toy phone, the tins and the tape dispenser.

  9. First of all...congratulations on your graduation! A big accomplishment!
    Lots of great finds, the coffee tins especially!

  10. Wow--so much eye candy Melissa :) My faves: the Costco stool, the tape dispenser (awesome), the blender, the coke metal carrier thing-y, and of course the unopened tin of coffee. You are the Antique Dealer Queen of the Day [if not the Year]!!


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