Thursday, May 26, 2016

Quickie #2

I'm back again with another quick project!  I picked up this wood shelf for $3 when I was on the Indiana 38 Yard Sale Route.

I didn't sand it down all the way, just gave it enough of a rough finish for the paint to stick.

I used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Coverage in Ocean Mist.  I love this color!

 Next step is to hit some areas with a sanding sponge.  I tried to focus on areas that would have natural wear there.  But, for uniformity sake, I also hit a few other places.  The color looks a little different because the next day was cloudy, whereas the day before this was sunny.

Top view.  If I was going to sell this piece, I would've used a wax to finish it, but its for display only, so I'm not too worried.

Here's what it looks like in my southside booth.  You can click HERE for my most recent recap of how that space looks.


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  1. Ocean Mist! Great color. If I don't put a price on everything in the booth, someone will hound me until I do :>)))

  2. You are probably too young to know what this shelf was for. I have an identical shelf, but mine isn't painted so cute! The shelf held the set of encyclopedias my parents bought from a door to door salesman in the 50's.

  3. I'm sure I used the same color of Ocean Mist on an old two piece drink caddy. It's a fantastic shade that really brightens up a room. It looks great in your shop!

    Stop on by my link party and share this with everyone : )

    Hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks for linking up at Peace Love Linkup! Our next party starts tomorrow at 6, so stop on by and share some more great content! Hope to see you there! : )


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