Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Southside Booth Revamp

This past Sunday I took a full load to my southside booth.  I haven't been down there with a load in a couple of weeks and it was in desperate need of attention!  The sales have been good, so there were lots of holes to fill. 

HERE is what my booth looked like last time I changed it up. Now, won't you take a walk with me through my revamped space?

I'm so happy with the space.  It looks better and better each time I go in.  The space is doing REALLY well.  I can't wait to expand once another space opens up.


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  1. The booth looks so appealing, I just want to dig right in to plunder. I wish my booth was that neat. I worked several hours yesterday squeezing leftovers from the farm sale in. I am getting spoiled by all these blog posts from you!

  2. Your booth always looks so well organized, and of course, filled with such fabulous vintage goodies. Thanks for giving us the tour at Talk of the Town.

  3. Looks great Melissa! I'd spend hours just in your space!


  4. I would love to visit your booth one day.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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