Monday, May 23, 2016

US 11 Antique Alley Yard Sale Route: Part 2

Hey there, welcome back to part 2 of my finds from the US 11Antique Alley Yard Sale.  These are all the small things.  You can see my large finds HERE.

So, without much talking, let's get onto the pictures!

Siestaware set in patriotic colors!

Raffiaware in yellow and orange.

Fun vintage glasses.

More vintage glasses - the large one is an old sour cream container.

5 matching vintage glasses.

Starbursts and polka dot glasses.

2 wall pockets.

Chalkware cardinals.

Chalkware apples with worms.

 Even chalkware fruit.

Some Pyrex pieces.  Luckily I had lids at home for the 2 casseroles.

 A spectacular find - these 3 milk glass shakers.  If there had been a salt shaker, I probably would've kept this set.

 Hazel Atlas fired on pieces and a melmac sugar bowl.

 4 McCoy planters that I didn't already have!  All went into my personal collection.  Someday I'll have to take pictures of my collection.  It has grown quite a bit.

 I loved this canisters!

2 old red barn lanterns

Mini washboard, sewing drawers, architectural pieces, and a wood box with metal lid.

Lunch box, scale, and some cameras.

Various maple syrup tins.  They seemed so plentiful on the route, you would've thought I was driving through Vermont in the heart of maple syrup country.

Various advertising tins.

Old wood exit sign, old watercolor set, a Chevy Fairlane emblem, and some more wood spools.

2 Beck's Beer paper signs.

 2 2cent boxes of matches, never used.  Did you know some boxes of old matches can fetch a pretty penny on ebay?

Havoline tin and 2 flour sifters.

My only vintage Christmas finds, but definitely not a disappointment.  A huge bag of glass garland, a mini tree topper, and a roll of vintage velvety red ribbon.

 3 Kewpies in their original bags.

5 Vintage Soaky Bubble Bath bottles.

Alright, that's is for my finds.


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  1. Those chalkware pieces are so cute. Love the Hazel Atlas and the syrup tins. You always do well! :)

  2. I forgot all about having the bubble bath containers when growing up. Too bad I was not a hoarder - I would be rich in junk now! My favorites are all the tin items, the drawers and salvage, and the chalkware.

  3. Woohoo! Great finds Melissa! And yes, you definitely need to show off your planter collection!


  4. Melissa, you really did great at those sales! I would have bought all the same things you did!

    xo Dianne

  5. Dang, Melissa! What awesome stuff you packed on that sale! That chalkware is in excellent condition, not to mention the Kewpie dolls in the packages. Love the McCoy planters too. That was definitely a good trip.

  6. Always great finds from your road trips! I would love to visit your booths someday to see them all displayed!

  7. You got such great stuff - hard for me to pick a favorite. Next weekend is the Hwy 68 sale in Kentucky. I am almost giddy already!

  8. So many fun finds. My favorites were the shakers.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Love seeing your finds, Melissa! Gave you a feature today for Let's Talk Vintage! Enjoy your week. ~Jill

  10. I want a set of vintage glasses like yours (any of the above) so bad! I'll settle for at least four, but I'd like twelve, and oh yea, they have to be cheap!! Your glasses and tins and lanterns, and of course the milk glass shakers, are all fantastic, Melissa. Gosh. Thanks for linking up your posts (all three of them!!) this week at Vintage Charm--go girl :)


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