Monday, June 20, 2016

Old National Road (US 40) Yard Sale Finds

Woah, I haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks!  This summer has been busy.  Spending lots and lots of time outside (because who wants to be inside when it's so nice?) and hubby took me to San Diego last weekend.  Oh you know, just because.  He actually surprised me with an animal encounter.  I got to swim with one of my favorite animals - an otter!  I'll spare you pictures of my shirtless husband.  Here's one of my getting surprised by one jumping up on me.  I'm holding a cup with marbles in it because it's one of their favorite games.  I'm wearing a tshirt over my swimsuit because they love to crawl in and out of shirts.  Trust me.  They did it several times!

And here's a video I took when we were playing with them before we swam with them.  They love bubbles.

Anyways there was your daily dose of cuteness.  You're welcome.

So the last thing I did before vacation was spend 2 days on the US 40 Yard Sale.  You may want to go back and refresh your memory.  I mean, it was so long ago, even I had to.  There I shared a lot of sneak peeks of what I bought.  So, today I'm going to share pictures of what I've gotten through so far.  And, if you can believe it, there's still more to go.  The pictures are all in different places because I took them while I was at my booth, in my house, in The Beast, and while cleaning them up.  No one ever said the life of an antiques dealer was easy.  But it is fun.  Well, the cleaning part -- not so much.

You saw these already in Quickie #3.  It seemed to be a popular quickie project.  It's super easy and hope I see some of you re-create it soon!

 Picked all of these items from the second barn mom and I picked on Saturday.

Bought a box of bottles from one guy for a GREAT deal.  See the other half below.

Lots of vintage kitchen items.  All mostly found for 25 cents each!

More vintage kitchen items.  I love the big fired-on white glass Hoosier cabinet style canister.

 Lots of fun little finds.  I shared the thermos on Instagram when I found it.  It's a harder to find one, because it was made in the same town I found it (Terre Haute, Indiana) and not many were made.  But guys... I know for a fact that they made PINK ones.  PINK.  With a cute little bear on it (like mine).  So, now all you thermos junkies have something to look for!

 $1 for a vintage window?  I'll never pass it up.

 File under: what the hell are you going to do with that thing?!
Picked from the big warehouse/pole barn thing with mom and the second day of yard sale-ing.  We could've not gone anywhere else that day and I would've been happy.

 Kids table and chairs for a fiver.  No brainer.  I've sold 4 or 5 of these sets.

 Cute stool that needs a little love.  Thinking plant stand...

 I told you, I was in various stages of cleaning.  These were all getting sprayed out.  The 3 soda crates came from the first barn pick on day 2.

 All these letters came from the first barn pick on day 2.  I hung the Cozy Cafe sign up in my booth in Carmel.  I love it so much, so priced it as such.  I hope it stays so that way when I get the farmhouse of my dreams, I can hang it in my kitchen or something.  As for the other letters.  I have no idea what they once spelled or what sign they may have been from.  So, I thought I'd throw it out into blogland and see if any of you had any ideas.

I came across this big lot of railroad ephemera.  I love old paper.  Something about it is just so cool.

2 bags of vintage plastic Christmas ornaments and a Gurley turkey for 25 cents each.  No brainer.

I have a guy that I've been buying wood spools off of for several years now.  I finally bought him out of all of his spools.  These blue ones are big sellers for me.

 The rest of the bottles!  For what I paid for the box, they broke down to be about $1 per bottle.  Which I'd do all day everyday for good embossed antique bottles!

I had to show you this one - it has a giraffe on the front of it!

 Framed 1940 Plymouth ad from the first barn pick.

 Framed 1921 map of Hamilton County from the first barn pick.  I bought this, not because I live in Hamilton County, but because one of my booths is in Hamilton County.  Bottom row, very left green square.  That's where it's at.

 Okay, so the 2 toolboxes came from a lady I always buy stuff from several times a year.  She always gives me great deals.  The grey toolbox came from barn pick number 2.  More about the wood stacked under the next picture..

 These actually weren't from the yard sale route.  My brother rescued these from one of his friends mom's house.  They were in her garage and she was moving.  She was going to throw them away.

(I'll pause from dramatic effect.  I know all you junkers are audibly gasping right now.)

Well, luckily my brother had enough sense to save them.  The cheese boxes were made into drawers at some point.  I promised him a commission on all these items once they sell.  Boy, he perked right up from that, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more picks from my brother soon.

 Stack of 1960s American Geographical Society Around the World Program magazines.

 WAY back in the early days of this blog (gah!  the pictures are worse than they are now, if you can believe it) I had a "Lonely Green Shaker" collection.  Well, my tastes have clearly not changed in the last five years.  I'm still collecting them.  One of these days I'll showcase them all.  And maybe I'll finally find some of them some mates.  You never know.

Edward Mobley squeak and the Fisher Price Happy Apple made appearances on Instagram during my trip.  Never ever pass up a Big Little Book!  These are each valued at $4 for good condition, $8 for vintage, and $16 for excellent.  HERE is the best resource for pricing and info on big little books.

 Vintage kitchen!  All reasonably priced and found for $1-$3 each.

 I sell a lot of dresser sets.  No clue why.  So, I buy one every time I sell one.
I see a quickie in the future of this little wood shelf that was picked up for 50 cents.

Bag of cookie cutters for $1.  Yes.  Take out the good ones and off to goodwill with the rest.

 Lots of fun finds here.  More berry baskets.  They were all found in the same place.  Would you believe I got the Cinderella carpet sweeper from the same guy I bought all the railroad paper from?

The Skotch Jug is a very unique one!  I thought I had a pretty hard to find one.  Then Jann found one!

 On day one I found one pack of this webbing for lawn chairs.  On day two I found a big box full of it.  When it rains, it pours.  Most of these are unopened and seem to fetch at least $10 a pack on ebay.  You will catch them in my ebay store soon.

 I bought this box of bottles for a song.  This is prior to me cleaning them up.  The ones with rust inside are soaking with Bar Keeper's Friend.  Another helpful hint if you buy lots of bottles - invest in a baby bottle cleaner.  It's $4 you won't soon regret.

Picked from the first barn on day 2.  Sad story - I actually picked (and paid for) 2 of these.  And somehow in the midst of packing up everything, it got left behind.  Kicking myself, because it drastically cut into my profit margin.  Have you ever done something like that before?

 This Dr. Pepper picnic basket got lots of heart eyes on Instagram.  Also picked from the first barn.

Lots of the smalls I picked from the first barn.  No, the 1 GAL jug wasn't hiding inside, but it got shoved into this picture. It was also picked at the first barn and it's a keeper.  Never seen one with the writing like that.

 See that brown covered book looking thing in the picture above.  Well, it's this.

 I thought I was getting an old Christmas tin.  SURPRISE!


And... 2 wood tennis racquets.

Yep, there's still more.  Will I ever get to it?  Probably not.  Just use your imagination!

So, I'm debating on taking The Beast on another little junkin' road trip this weekend to Kentucky for the Highway 41 Sale.  Anyone have any luck with that sale?  

It will be the last one for awhile.  I mean, honestly I need the entire month of July to mentally prepare for THE WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE (click for my tips/tricks)!  Guys, I'm super excited for it.  I cannot wait!


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  1. Boxes, crates, bottles, tins - all things that make my heart sing!

  2. All I can say is "What a Haul". I would like to just pick the back of "Beast".

  3. GEORGEY! That what it spells! You are amazingly persistent, consistent in your finds. I simply don't have the patience to tackle all that small stuff and clean it (said the lady who takes dirty hankies and doilies and soaks them, then irons, then puts jewelry tags on them). I know, it's fun. We pick our poisons.

  4. Ky sale is great also, just never know what will find. Good if you have money to buy right then, not have to decide this item or another due to lack of enuf green stuff. We used to live few miles north of Bowling Green, boy could have gone crazy at yard sale.
    Am so envious of all your incredible finds, love so many of them. You have good eye finding great smalls.
    We live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO now, I miss KY and awesome goodies so much. You have lots of work ahead cleaning up all you found but good for your booth and online sales. Don't work too hard, happy week

  5. I seriously have to go do this sale next year. You get the best stuff!!

  6. I am overwhelmed at how many cool things you found! I would have bought every one of the same things! What an awesome haul!! Congratulations.

    xo Dianne

  7. Wow, I can't believe all this great stuff! I love all of it!!


  8. I love all the vintage kitchen stuff and your green shakers! You did good work girl. ;)

  9. Your husband is a sweetheart--what an amazing surprise, swimming with the otters!! Your finds are quite overwhelming (in a good way, of course) :) A couple favorites: the black-handled broom, the white Hoosier canister, the white step ladder, and the spools. You're amazin' Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm--

  10. Melissa, you always find the best stuff! I am going back and enlarging all of the photos to get a better look. Still smiling that I found a cooler like you! I have a dotty noise maker just like the one on top. I think it's one my older sis gave me. About 8 years ago she gave me a lot of her tin toys. Love the green shakers and oh, so much more! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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