Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Finds from the 2016 127 World's Longest Yard Sale - Part 1

Hey guys!  I'm  back to share some of my finds with you from my trip down the 127 yard sale.  The bestie and I had a wonderful time.  We found so much good stuff I've had to break it up into 2 posts.  Thanks to the Beast, I was able to bring home more than last year!

In no particular order... here we go!

How could I resist this bright orange suitcase that looks (and smells) like it was never used.  
Still has the key!

A crate from a bottle company from Bluffton, IN.  
A bunch of milk bottles.
A set of aluminum cups in mint condition.

Lots of paper flour bags!
Perfect to help achieve that farmhouse kitchen look.

Odds and ends.
Antique booth bread and butter here.

Enamelware or Graniteware.
Name depends when you're from, I guess.
Aren't the little scoops just darling?

I was really happy to find vintage marked USA horseshoes.
Always happy to pick up old spools.
These dustpans make household chores less boring.

More bread and butter items.

Lots of great items.
The Kirks sign is in mint condition.

Sometimes even when items are (a little) beat up or rusty, I'll still get them.  I can get them for a good price and pass them along for a good price.  Everyone wins!

Ugh, this little green bench.  Currently housed in my antique booth, but will be a keeper.  I love the color combo of the red lustroware items on here.

I got lucky to find so many pennants at great prices.

They have become a staple at my booths that people ask for!

I'm surprisingly selling Barbie cases and clothes pretty well!
I'll be keeping an eye out for more of these.

Oh, and those naked lady mugs... for the mantique section of my booths.

I put out the dip bowl from the Pyrex delphite Golden Grapes set and it didn't even last 2 minutes!

A favorite item I picked up.

Lots of odds and ends.
A Le Creuset!
Fire King bowls!
New old stock Dottie Dusters!

A bread box, 2 soda crates (Double Cola & Pepsi), 3 Ohio Art sand pails, little white kids shoes in the box, Hershey's tin, chalkware dog, and new old stock paper parasols.  I only brought a few of each color to the booth, but have nearly 100 left at home.

A camp stool!
I bought this at the first stop and it proved useful the rest of the trip!

Although some of the paint is coming off on 2 of the bowls, these were still in EXCELLENT condition.  AND I just so happened to have 2 of the middle size bowls already.  I decided not to put all 5 bowls together to sell, but instead priced them separately, so that people could get the one they wanted.

I desperately needed mini oil lamps.  I sell so many of these.  All I purchased are not even pictured.  Not sure how that happened...

Somehow I got 2 pictures of this lard tin.
And I still need to take a magic eraser to the permanent marker.

You can never have too many milk bottles or s&ps.
More bread and butter items.

Well, I'll be back soon with more stuff!
Stay tuned...

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  1. You must be a great packer to get all this vintage goodness in the beast. You really found interesting and unique stuff. Sweet sand pails, even tulip bowls. Are the round S&P's Fiesta?

  2. Oh, my goodness !

    You found so many great things.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. So. Much. GOODNESS! I love it when I see a great haul like this. It's like vicarious shopping. I would love to have a pennant stash like that for sure. I also like to pick up the more battered and used items--character, I call it. It's a reminder that this stuff was actually intended to be used, sometimes for some pretty rigorous work. Love, love, love that chalkboard.

    PS Thanks for the mention.

  4. If this is only Part 1, you really hit the jackpot! I love the Big Ben's bottles and the Barbie doll cases. Did they have clothes in them too? Great finds Melissa!

  5. Melissa you found some great items and I know your customers will appreciate your efforts! I love that sale, always so much to see and buy!!

  6. Wow. I am looking forward to some traveling and hitting sales. We're hoping to buy an RV this fall and begin traveling. I loved your post. You found some great treasures. I'm following you now. And I signed up for the emails. I hope you can come by and see me. I linked at
    SYC too. Nice to meet you.

  7. You really got some excellent finds. I would love to take a trip and go there some day.

  8. What a haul. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find, reasonable. Thanks for the tour, Sandi

  9. What a fun and productive trip. Love the enamelware too.

  10. Loved seeing all your treasures... Interesting to know about the tenants, Barbie cases, and oil lamps. I will be on the lookout in hopes of trying them in my booths up here. what a fun post - I have yet to be able to visit this sale!

  11. If you could see me, you'd know how green with envy I am!! I think it's so fun that at the end of your trips you have "instant" collections of things to sell--spools, enamelware, canning jars, pennants, etc. Love the flour bags, esp. Thanks for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm, Melissa :)

  12. Amazing trip! You took a lot of presents with yourself. ;)

  13. What a great haul! I was envious just looking at it; and not that much of it is stuff I collect. It is good to know what sells for you; I will be on the lookout as I thrift this summer. Thanx!


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