Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quickie #6

In the history of quickies, I'd say this was the quickest of them all.
I've had this raw wood shelf lying around for ages.
It has been used in my antique booths from time to time as a filler piece.
I decided it was time to give it a makeover.
No sanding, no prep of any kind.
Just 2 cans of 99c Krylon spray paint.
And about 6 hours of drying time.

PS - this was a wimpy post for my 300th post since starting this blog!

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. So what's wimpy about it??? It looks nice, but I did have to say, "where is it? Where is it?"

  2. It looks great! I am always amazed what paint can do to transform a piece! Congratulations on #300!!

    xo Dianne

  3. Nice, Melissa! Those blue bottles look good stitting on top, too.

  4. Beautiful blue - what's the name - I want to copy! I'm just stitting here waiting.

  5. Wow, 300 posts! Congratulations! The shelf turned out great, I need to find some more shelving for my spaces.



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