Monday, September 19, 2016

The Rest of the Finds from a Family Friend

Over Labor Day weekend I made a trip to Ohio to help sort through the house of  a relative of a family friend of mine that passed a few months ago.  Here's a shot of the front of the house.

Small peek of one side of the basement after it was cleaned up.

So, I just started loaded things I wanted onto the driveway.

Somehow I got it all into the van except 2 pieces, which I have to pick up still.

This awesome old store display shelf was in the basement.  It has the metal edging where you would slide price tags into.  Here's a shot of it in northside booth decorated up in fall colors.  I'll be showing a booth update soon.  I promise.

This kitchen cabinet came out of the kitchen.  It has 2 glass sliding doors to cover the shelves.  Those are packaged up currently.  I think my mom is debating if she wants this, as she offered to give it a home until I have space in one of the booths.

Some kitchen stuff including an almost full set of aqua Pyrex!

Random odds and ends.
Question - how many pairs of scissors does one person need?

I'm in love with the tiny red garden tools.

Found while digging through all the old linens stacked in laundry hampers in the basement.

A few vintage Christmas odds and ends rescued from the trash pile.

I love old paper.  No clue what I'll do with it yet.

More pieces including an antique manicure set.

An old metal kitchen cabinet and large wood box.
The wood box would make a perfect planter!

Watering can, wood box again, old suitcase, laundry hamper, and 4ft (not yard!) stick.

Awesome old fruit/orchard baskets.

I found these hats in their original boxes and I was greeted with "Where on earth did you find those?" :)

Cool old Chinese Checker game, all marbles still intact.

Old galvanized buckets on top of that same wood box.
I love that wood box, if you can't tell.

Old workshop stool and mother of pearl step stool.

Found a ton of these old clothes pins.  I bundled bunches with bakers twine and they just look too cute.

Old witches costume and hat, perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Aren't the little velveteen stuffed animals too cute for words?

As if I needed more cameras.

How about this fun old handmade step stool?  It's a little crooked, but I don't mind.
And a drawer from a fridge that is long gone.

A favorite of mine is this little ice cream/bistro table and chairs.  The chairs don't need any work, but the table will have to be sand blasted before getting a new coat of white enamel spray paint.

Destined for the trash were these McCoy planters.  I needed one to add to my collection.  I think I'm at 50 or so now.

A medicine cabinet that I took off the wall that contained old medicine from the drug store just a block away.

Cast iron sewing machine base has already found a new home.

Suitcase in original box?
What happened to my ban on suitcases?

From the bathroom - laundry hamper and fun trashcan with matching tissue box.

More old clothes pins.

Beautiful chenille spread.  Too bad there is damage to one corner.

Beautiful old barkcloth.

More barkcloth.

More barkcloth.  And barkcloth quilt squares.

These were once the kitchen curtains.

I should have dug harder through the linens.

Very colorful and vibrant old tea towels.

Linen calendar towels galore.

Some highly valuable calendar towels, including Vera!
All 4 of the Vera calendar towels sold within an hour of listing them to ebay.

I discovered a box of old maps from the 60s.  Mostly Ohio, but a few from my home state of Indiana.

More vintage Christmas!

And more!

I'll share the remaining pieces as soon as I go pick them up!

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  1. What a haul! I am amazed the Christmas balls survived all these years as they are so fragile!

  2. Oh gosh, Melissa, those kinds of picks are so hard. You want to take everything they say they're throwing away, but then you get so saturated with all the stuff piled up. We just finished dividing 3 estates my two sisters picked while I was on vacation, and I am pretty sick of going through stuff. BUT...I love it all. Junk saviors, unite.

  3. Thanks for saving so many beauties from the trash pile!

  4. WoW ! Great to see so many pieces from one home, a bit of history in photos.

  5. Wow, I don't know where to start commenting on what I like...again you hit the jackpot. I like the & medicine, wood box, towels (I didn't even know Vera made tea towels), old frig drawer, matching bathroom pieces, & whole bunch of other stuff. Wish I had a friend...sigh

  6. Your friend's are great in my book. It looks like the house was a time capsule of super-cool vintage everything. Love the linens, the buckets, and the wood box.

  7. Wow. Just wow. It can be really easy to get overwhelmed while going through all that stuff, but you made some excellent choices. I especially love the bistro table and chairs as I am kind of obsessed with them right now. By the way, you only had a ban on suitcases, not suitcases in their original boxes. There. I fixed it for you.

  8. I love it all! It would be hard to choose a favorite.

    xo Dianne

  9. Now that's one great haul Melissa! So much vintage goodness I'm ogling a few of them, I've been on the hunt for that 441 Butterprint bowl for quite a while now, you lucky duck.

  10. Wow, so many great finds! I love that bistro set!!


  11. Wow! Was there a rainbow leading to that pot of gold?
    So many great treasures :)

  12. Melissa, Wow that is quite a bit of stuff and you are luck to get it all in the vehicle. It takes a while to sort through things once you get them home. Love the yellow flower pots. Sylvia D.

  13. Wow Melissa, you really got a lot of neat stuff. I love that box too! Also, the medicine cabinet really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Ack!! How do you manage it all?!! You must be a workaholic to work full time and sell [what must be] full time. Love the step ladder, bistro set, and medicine cabinet. Fabulous haul, Melissa. Thanks for sharing your posts with us at Vintage Charm--

  15. Melissa, you found so much wonderful vintage goodness. Wayyyyy too much to choose from to find a favorite. Thank you for sharing your vintage haul at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make Link Party.


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