Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Southside Booth October Update

Although I have not added any new space, my booth seems to be growing.  It helps to add new big pieces, which I did this past weekend.  One didn't last very long!

So, come along with me as I take you through my southside booth.  If you stay along for the whole ride, I promise you there's a treat at the end!

I didn't get a picture of it last week, but here's the metal midcentury shelf I picked up on the Highway 60 Yard Sale.  I have 6 of them - they are GREAT booth shelves.

I LOVE these little shopping baskets, also for the Highway 60 sale, but decided to put them in the booth.  I can't keep everything, can I?

Did you see this shopping basket I picked up this past weekend from an estate sale?  If it's still there next time I go back, I think I'm gonna keep it.  It's the perfect basket for shopping estate sales.

I love this little shelf I picked up for the same estate sale as the above shopping basket.

I still have my quilt square banner up (quickie project link HERE).  People have started buying some of the quilt squares, so I just replace the missing ones.

I forgot to post about these.  This was a roughly 15ft ladder that I got from the estate of a family friend.  I had to cut it in 3 pieces to get it in The Beast.

Okay!  You made it!  Thanks for sticking around.  Here are is the treat I promised.  The front windows at the antique shop where this booth is located!  Sorry for the glare, it's hard to photograph, except at night.

Right side window:

Little boy mannequin wearing one of my vintage Halloween costumes!

Little girl mannequin WAS wearing my vintage witch costume.  It sold the same day.

Lots of goodies from my booth like those free shutters I found in the dumpster...

The left side window:

A fortune teller/gypsy theme!

So fun, right?

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Fun is exactly the word I would describe not only the windows, but your booth!

  2. Melissa, you have an incredible amount of vintage inventory! Love it!

  3. Your booth is beautiful! Packed full of goodness! Thank you for sharing with photos. I'm getting an itch to go to the stores around us again.

  4. Wow, your booth looks huge!! I love those window displays too... someday I'd like to own my own store where I can do windows, that would be fun!


  5. I had no idea your booth was so BIG! Lots of cool stuff. Love that witch costume. I never ever ever in a million years find Halloween costumes at estate sales around here. NEVER. OK, now that I put that out there maybe I will run across one :)

  6. You have the best stock in you booth - really good space too. Thanks for sharing, love seeing what you have found.

  7. The wire shopping baskets are great. Very well-organized and appealing. Congrats on the window display!

  8. Melissa, your booth looks amazing. I love it and wish I could shop it! Great window decor with your costumes !

    xo Dianne

  9. You have the greatest booth space and inventory. I wish mine was half as good. Thank you so much for sharing at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  10. I just started following your blog and was wondering where your booths are. I think you are in the Indianapolis area.


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