Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thursday Estate Sales

In my neck of the woods there aren't a ton of really good estate sales.  They're big on auctions out here.  And don't get me wrong, I love auctions... but nothing beats a good estate sale.  Generally most of the estate sales listed for my area are for just one day, sometimes two, and honestly I haven't seen a three-day-er in years.  Here's the post the references the last three-day-er.  I bought a big primitive cabinet from it (among other things that I never photographed).

So, the moral of the story - if it's an estate sale that runs for three days - you better be there for day one.  And I was.  Number 13.  For only having 2 hands, 2 giant Ikea bags and being able to make a small pile by the cashier, I was able to get all of this.  It was a good one.  Lots of people coming out with amazing stuff all around me.

So, let's take a look at what I got!

Was happy to find some plastic Easter items.  The few I had in my booth were snatched up the day I brought them in.

Lots of new old stock dennison labels and receipts.

A plethora of plastic clothes pins

All the vintage office supplies.  Tempted to keep that tape dispenser for myself.

A whole mess of swanky swigs (16) with cute animals printed on them.

McKee sailboat fridgie - small chip and no lid... but whatever.
Also, Hazel Atlas apple sans lid.  I thought I had one at home... it wasn't the right one!
And... can we talk about how stinkin cute the Libbey palm tree glasses are (I have a slight obsession with palm trees, flamingos, pinneapples, and cactus items at the moment).

These glasses are huge!  I could mix myself a nice big cocktail in these!

Cootie, Magnetic Mary Lou, and Coney Island Magnetic Darts.

A few Christmas items.  Like I'm gonna pass up these cute boxes.
I did pass on several boxes of Shiny Brites.
I was so proud of myself for showing restraint.

Cute little paint splattered step stool.

New in box (3 on the left still sealed) Corning Ware dishes.
I wouldn't normally buy corning ware... but NEW IN BOX, folks.

Random assortment of things.  I mean, if you dig, you never know what you'll find at an estate sale... 3 sealed packages of west highland terrier (westie) paper, 2 boxes of pretty paper napkins, a never opened bag of balloons, and a 1960s girl scout order catalog.

Statue of Liberty souvenir.

Sometime of VW tin.  Not sure exactly what it is, since it's in German.
Red handled spatula.

Gosh, there are more items I haven't photographed yet... hope to get to them soon.  Hope this will hold you over for now.  I went to a quick auction on Sunday and made out like a bandit.  So, I've got more goodies coming in.

I also hope to move into my new bigger booth either this weekend or next.  Stay tuned.  You can view before photos of the space here (scroll about halfway down).

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quickie #8

I'm back with another quickie for you guys!

Remember this bread wrapper?

And these thrift store frames I just got?

Well... trace the glass insert with where you want it on waxed bread wrapped.  Used a pencil just to make a slight dent in the waxed paper without going through.  Once you've made your outline, just cut it out with scissors or a paper cutter.  Put back in the frame and...

Instant art that's perfect for your kitchen!
Or wherever, if you love bread.
And who doesn't love bread?

Thanks for visiting!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

March So Far

Guys! Last Sunday I hit up a pretty crowded box lot auction.  Well, it was getting down to the end and they sold it all for one amount.  Like I'm going to turn down that kind of opportunity.  For $20 I came home with all the boxes you see here (17 - 2 got cut out of the picture) and 4 good old quilts.  I have never spent to little and came home with so much.  None of it is big ticket items, but lots of great booth filler that should be quick and easy sellers.

Last week I played a game on Instagram where I showed each box and asked what you thought I would save.  For those of you who didn't catch it, I'll try to recreate it for you now!

PS - Excuse the garage sale stickers.  Apparently these box lots were all stuff some lady tried to sell at a garage sale and couldn't, so she brought them to auction.  Those are not my prices.

PPS - In the "what I saved" photos - the background is my favorite quilt bought from this auction.

Box #1: Before

Box #1: What I Saved

Box #2: Before

Box #2: What I Saved

Box #3: Before

Box #3: What I Saved

Box #4: Before

Box #4: What I Saved

Box #5: Before

Box #5: What I Saved

Box #6: Before

Box #6: What I Saved

Box #7: Before

Box #7: What I Saved

Box #8: Before

Box #8: What I Saved

Box #9: Before

Box #9: What I Saved

Box #10: Before

Box #10: What I Saved

Box #11: Before

Box #11: What I Saved

Box #12: Before

Box #12: What I Saved

Box #13: Before

Box #13: What I Saved

Box #14: Before

Box #14: What I Saved

Box #15: Before

Box #15: What I Saved

Box #16: Before

Box #16: What I Saved

Box #17: Saved Both Things!

Quilt #1 & #2

Quilt #3 & #4

 Things Bought From Instagram:

5 flour sample bags/envelopes

40lbs of old waxed bread wrapper
(I've got a quickie coming up using this!)

I also went to a quick auction yesterday and came home with a few things...

This "Candy Store" National Cash Register

18 windows!

1 suitcase...

2 suitcase...

And a stereoviewer!

That's it for March so far!

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