Monday, March 6, 2017

February Finds

Sorry I've been a little quiet here lately... but a lot is going on!  My day job keeps me pretty busy.  I'm also preparing to take a certification for my day job.  ANDDD my house is in disarray because I'm attempting to get it ready to put on the market (YAY)!

So this post is going to be a combination of stuff I bought and a southside booth refresh... so here we go!

As you walk down the stairs, you're greeted with this new 100% wool buffalo check men's shirt/jacket, which is new from an estate sale last weekend.

Newly arranged man section.

Stoneware grave marker from an auction 2 weeks ago.  Tin of shuttlecocks from estate sale.

Never used box of bottle caps from the estate sale.

Hand broom from the estate sale.

Fishing reel from the auction.

Cute tin letter holder from the estate sale.

Another fishing reel from the auction.

Big heavy aluminum ice scoop from the auction.

Small white child's suitcase from the estate sale.

The stack of Miller cottage cheese cups have never been used.  I bought a stack of them from the auction.

Wish this ice skating outfit was complete, but I was happy to find the skates with the original box at the estate sale.

Slightly obsessed with this kinda rusty old trashcan.  Bought from the auction.  Priced for the booth, but I also have a bag in it, so it can be used!

One of three pairs of roller skates from the estate sale.

Black crate with stars from auction.

Some springy stuff.  Only new thing is a small white/green cottage cheese container.

Can you believe I'm still selling Christmas stuff?

Aluminum pitcher and cups from the auction.

I dug those games out of my store room at my house.  I bought them years ago at an auction.  I'm not sure why I was holding on to them!

I've been trying to find as many windows as possible.  I can't seem to keep them in stock.  This one came from the auction.

Enamelware mold from the auction.

Pretty orange enamelware pitcher from the estate sale.

Bought another enamelware blue swirl washtub at the auction.

Bought this candy tin at the auction.

Bought this blue swirl bowl at the auction.

It's been awhile since I've bought good Pyrex.  Got this primary set from the auction.

Lincoln Logs and roller skates from the estate sale.

Got 11 of these little green wood boxes from the auction.

This spelling board is from the estate sale.  It's too cute.

This little case likely held dancing/ballet shoes.  Also found were these leather roller skates in original box.  Both from the estate sale.

This white primitive shelf came from the auction.  It's a good thing I had it, as the bar cart that was here had sold.

Another pair of roller skates from the estate sale.

Barbie cases from the estate sale.

Whole unused roll of milk caps from a dairy in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

I was very lucky to happen upon this big box of vintage Halloween at the estate sale.

I've never seen a noisemaker like this before!

Pile of costumes to match some of the masks above.

Also found this great set of Americana Pyrex bowls!  Too bad the smallest was missing.

Well, I know I missed a few things, but hopefully they'll pop up in later posts!

I just hit an auction yesterday (Sunday) and only spent $20, but came home with quite a bit of stuff.  Hope to show it all to you soon!  That's it for now!

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  1. Great additions to your booths. Your booths are so inviting.

  2. Love seeing all the additions! Can't keep windows in stock here either! Sold about 25 of them over the Fall/winter, and just added four to my booth yesterday.

  3. Love seeing all the additions! Can't keep windows in stock here either! Sold about 25 of them over the Fall/winter, and just added four to my booth yesterday.

  4. Oh my gosh, Melissa you have so much great "JUNK"! The orange enamel ware pitcher stands out most in my mind probably because of the bright color. It is wonderful.

    1. Thank you for sharing your vintage finds at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  5. Lots of great stuff! I really liked the roller skates - I wore a pair like that when I was a kid and always wore the key on a string around my neck.

  6. Hi Melissa. Do you ever sell your stuff online vs. your booth.I am interested in your vintage easter candy tin and a couple of your halloween cards thanks. Monica (

  7. Wow, some great finds! I love the vintage Halloween!


  8. Wow, you got some great stuff Melissa! My hubby has a Pendleton shirt just like that. Looks great on him! :) We have had some great men things in the estate I'm helping with. There were 6 reels as well. There was also a trash can just like that only white and red. Same exact style. I went down today to get more items for the next sale and found something that I have been wanting for some time. A Tom's jar!! Woot, woot!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. My Lordy, you have A LOT OF MERCHANDISE!! You must never sleep! Working full time, junking, selling, moving house, just marrying, just masters degree-ing. You're an amazing role model, Melissa :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm last week--

  10. To be the 26th person in line, I'd say you scored pretty big! How do you carry it all??


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