Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Cleaning

It is the annual spring cleaning of the northside booth.  
(You can view 2016 and 2015 spring cleans.)
No furniture was rearranged.  
I really couldn't figure a better arrangement than what I've already got.  
It was just wiped off and dusted.  
Every item moved to a new home.  
Wanting the booth to look fresh and old items look new again.  
This trick tends to work, so it is an annual tradition now, as this is year #3 of spring cleaning.  
I've rearranged a few other times during the year, but nothing this drastic!

So, come along for the tour, and I'll also attempt to point out new items I've bought recently too.

First - you can hardly tell, but there's a small set of petalware from MacBeth Evans on the tiny rounded corner cabinet on top of the giant wood crate where jadeite, milk glass, and pretty pale yellow dishes now sit. 

There's an 8+ piece setting of Currier and Ives bought recently.
Hard to see on the top shelf of the mint green shelf.

The "mantiques" shelf has finally been moved.
It had been the one constant over the years.
I hope the men can find it, since it moved a whole 4 feet to the left.

Some Melmac on the bottom recently acquired in a box lot.

Shh... don't tell anyone but behind the lovely green cabinet is where I store the less desirable stuff that doesn't fit my booth well.  That didn't change.  Oh well!

I tried to corral all the pretty juice glasses in one place on the light blue shelf.  There are 10+ new ones in there.

My very first sign still hangs over 3.5 years later.

The copper colored West Bend Bakery Bin is new.  I'd never seen one before!

Some red pieces have been added in here.

A new hanging item or two.

Oh geeze, I've forgotten what all I've bought, but I guarantee, if you look real close there a new piece in here somewhere...

Likely, the same rings true for this section!

Well, look, I know I brought in about 6 paper boxes full of new stuff, I just can't for the life of me remember what they are now.

On another note...

It's official (and why I've been so MIA lately)... my house is listed for sale. I say MY (instead of ours) because I bought this thing fresh out of college at 22. I lived here almost 4 years before I met my now husband. And it was another 2 before he moved in. It has served me well for nearly 8 years now... but it's time to get back to our country roots. We're looking for an old farmhouse on some land to call our own. We want farm fresh eggs and barn cats crawling around keeping away the mice. We want to know our neighbors but not live 5 feet from them. This house is minutes from downtown Indy, Broadripple, and Eagle Creek Park. Anyways, with all this said, if you're in Indianapolis and need a good Home (or know someone who needs a good home) - message me and I'll supply the details! 😘😘
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 Less than 24 hours after listing, we got an offer above asking on our home.  It's bittersweet (see story above), but we're happy to move on to the next chapter of our lives.  We close in mid-May and we haven't found our next home yet.  And boy, have we really been pounding the pavement looking at houses.  We may be living in The Beast down by the river.  You know I'll keep you updated.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. You sure have a lot of items in the booth! I hope they sell well. Your home is cute. I hope it sells quickly.

  2. Best wishes on your house hunting. I hope you find something soon while the mortgage rates are still low!

    As always, I love to see your booth. Maybe if we ever get close to Indy, we'll stop by!

  3. Congrats on the contract on your house....hope it goes through for you. Such a cute home too! Hope you find your next dream home. What is the Beast? Must be a trailer of some sort...am I right?

  4. Good grief, girl, that's a lotta cleanin'! LOL. Good for you for changing it around... that always helps somehow! Thanks so much for linking up with Let's Talk Vintage!

  5. Could you give the addresses for your booths

  6. Congrats on selling your house so quickly - wow!

    I LOVE your booth. How large is it because it looks really big.

  7. Happy house selling! Your booths look very inviting - I could spend a ton of bucks there.

  8. Good Evening Melissa, If I lived closer I would love to visit your booths, because there are so many interesting items to view, but I feel travelling from England would be a little too far (haha)
    I could spend hours looking at all your wonderful treasures.
    Best Wishes to you.

  9. I simply loved taking a walk through all you had to offer for view come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  10. Your booth is always full of wonderful treasures! Congrats on the sale of your home too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. My goodness less than 24 hours! Congrats on selling the house and best wishes on finding the perfect "farmhouse," Melissa. As always, love seeing your space. I'm always amazed by the QUANTITY of your goods!! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm-

  12. Your booths look so well stocked. I used the rearrange trick too when I had a booth. Great news about selling your house so quickly. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!


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