Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Blank Slate

We finally moved into our new house!  I am absolutely in love with the outside and all the land and space we now have.  The inside... now that's a different story all together.  I could call it ugly, but I thought I'd settle on a blank slate.  I want to change everything and I won't be sad to see any of it go.  I wasn't sure if I was going to share, but I decided I would since so many of you have asked!

First, you turn onto this gravel lane and take it back about a quarter of a mile.

And you pull up here to see the house to the right

And barn to the left.

Between the house and the barn behind a fence is our pool.

And lots of yard around it.

If we go in the garage...

Lots of space!

When you walk in the house, you walk into the mud room/laundry room/half bath.

Then through there is the big spacious kitchen.

Which flows into the living room with blue carpet.

Off of the living room is the dining room with more blue carpet.

Off the living room is also the front entry with coat closet.

Down the blue carpeted hallway from the living room...

First door on the left in the hallway is the master bedroom.

Yep, that is a dusty rose pink carpet and hunter green accent wall.

Nice big walk-in closet with more pink carpet!

Master bath with more hunter green and seashell shaped sinks. And look at those weird medicine cabinet mirrors!

My saving grace.  I've always wanted a garden tub. But, matching hunter green blinds!

Teeny tiny shower.

Second bath.  More seashell sinks.

Another tiny shower with rust stains (we're on a well and Indiana water is full of a lot of iron).  No worries - Bar Keeper's Friend did the trick with cleaning it up!

Second bedroom.  More blue carpet and navy blue blinds!

Saving grace - large double door closet!

Third bedroom, that we have dubbed the Red Room.  Yes, bright red carpet and matching red blinds!

Again, a nice big closet.

Behind the barn I decided to place the garden.

It took 4 hours of tilling.

Another 6 hours to plant.

And another 2 to put up the stakes and fences.

And I know you can barely see the house, but I wanted to show you a pretty Indiana sunset.

And I know you usually come here to see what I'm buying, so I'll show you what I've bought recently... 

This is my new toy!

And this is my husband's new toy!

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  1. Oh Melissa - it's a beautiful house - so large and the property is gorgeous. You will have such fun redecorating it all.

    I'm off to the KY 400 mile yard sale tomorrow. I can't wait!

  2. Beautiful property and the house has good bones. While it can be costly, decor is the easiest all changes and I know you guys aren't afraid of elbow grease. Can't wait to follow and see you make it your own. That's a little slice of heaven right there!

  3. I love that your new place has a good bit of property with it. Can't wait to see all you do to make your new house into your home. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!


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