Monday, June 12, 2017

US 40 Yard Sale & Woodruff Place Flea Market

Hi all! Last weekend, on Friday and Saturday, mom and I shopped the US 40 Yard Sale and the Woodruff Place Flea Market.  You can check out my finds from US 40 2016, 2015, and 2014.  You can check out my posts from Woodruff Place Flea Market 2015, 2014, 2012 (1), and 2012 (2).

Above are the boxes of stuff from day one!

Here are the boxes from day two.

I can never say no to windows!

Or pretty picture frames!

Can you believe this beautiful heater?

More goodies from day 2!

Here's a better look at the bird cage (minus the hideous silk flowers) and these amazing extra large locker baskets!

A whole crate full of cream bottles!

This isn't all of them, but I bought every issues of Arizona Highways magazine from 1950ish to 1980!  There are some pretty amazing photos in here.  I thought people might like to buy them to frame some of the images.

Nut grinders, swanky swig, and jadeite.

Sorry, don't know how this turned out blurry, but it's the only shot I have.  Pyrex fridgie and 3 mugs.

2 teabag holders and a delphite blue Pyrex dish.

New old stock set of 4 Anchor Hocking amber Georgian glasses and an adorable red plastic cookie jar.

This scale - ugh.  I want to keep it so badly.  Aren't those exercise pins cool?

Lots of bakelite tools and a rolling pin.

Have you ever seen colored aluminum snack trays before?

A few old yardsticks, ready for your next project.

An old rubber blade fan.

I didn't find this on the route, but a customer came into the shop when I was working on Saturday and I bought this from him.

Old green stool, architectural salvage, and a couple thermoses.

Beautiful Redman picnic basket made right here in Indiana.

Some great farmhouse items!  Old galvanized scoops and more!

Some old chevy hubcaps for my brother.

Cool little parts cabinet.

Some canvas tool aprons.

Fired on color swanky swigs and ice cream dishes, 2 pieces of red Pyrex, an ice crusher, and an old jar.

Some bowls and other odds and ends.

I love buying baggies and boxes of random stuff!

Box of random items for a quarter?  Yes, please.

Baggie of random items for a quarter?  Again, yes please.

Some calendar tea towels and Nancy Drew books.

More kitchen items... including (probably my best find) the Pyrex friendship casserole underplate.  I have it up on ebay, if you're interested in bidding on it.

I love these Hazel Atlas car glasses.  I found 3 full sets plus one spare.

I hit the jadeite jackpot at one stop.
I also love this Hazel Atlas mom cup!

Does anyone love Siestaware as much as I do?
Very tempted to keep them all for myself.

Also, how cool is the Anchor Hocking relish dish, new in the box with the original label?

Of course... adding more McCoy planters to my collection.

You can see my whole collection HERE.

More Pyrex.

My unusual find was this box of new old stock socks.  Already sold!

I thought these Thunderbird glasses from the Federal Glass Co. were pretty neat too.

Hand embroidered baby quilt.

I have never been able to find lady vases to resell at a reasonable price.  Well, I got lucky and found 3, plus this cool milkglass makeup mirror.

Nice Playskool puzzles.

Lustroware fridgies!

Have you ever seen these glasses before?

It wouldn't be a yard sale route without a little Christmas

These will be great decor for the booth at Christmastime.

Anyways, I know I missed showing you some items.  I just bought so much good stuff, it was hard to share it all.  I don't know if I'll be shopping anytime soon, but who knows.  A junker never sleeps... especially when the words 'yard sale' are muttered.

Finally... I am one step closer to getting my chickens.  My husband and brother started building the coop this weekend.  They got a pretty good start, I think!

Have a great week!

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  1. I am on junk overload from my sale this weekend, but you found some great stuff. My "Ye Olde Egg Shoppe" sign sold to a sweet girl with chickens.

  2. WOW! You sure bought a lot of stuff! Some of it was a blast to the past for me, being 65!

  3. makes my head spin to think of all the loading, unloading, cleaning and pricing of all this stuff! I therefore crown you Queen of Stuff! I am convinced it is she who has the sticktoittiveness who wins and scores first, and the best. That would be YOU (and your mom, props to her too). I have not seen the aluminum trays before - just the tumblers; nor have I seen those glasses you pointed out. Not necessarily in any order (other than my memory)...I love the heater, the baskets, those exercise pins, and of course the jadeite. Way to go - again.

  4. Look at all that delightful loot! You done good!!! I can't imagine how much you spent and the profit you will reap. All of this makes me want to fly up to see you and your goodies! Oh, well... Off to the neighborhood thrift store to see what I can find.

  5. Love, love, love the wire baskets!! What cool finds :)

  6. You got a ton of fantastic things. I went to the 400 mile sale in KY last weekend and I was so disappointed. Everyone is pricing their junk at internet prices. I didn't buy much.

    I can't wait to hear all about your chickens - my daughter wants to get some next spring.

  7. Great Finds! I can't believe you found all those treasures!

  8. Wow, wow, wow! You did hit the jadite jackpot! I love the farmhouse scoops too. Really, each and every picture there was something that made me swoon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Wow! What a haul! SO many great finds, I don't think I can pick a favorite! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinning!

  10. Melissa, how do you do it. All that Jadeite would make me the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for sharing all your great vintage finds at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!


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