Monday, October 2, 2017

Halloween at the Booth

Happy October, everyone!  This weekend my mom and I spent some time bringing in lots of new goodies to my booths.  Lots of those items were vintage Halloween items I've been collecting the last year.  Scroll down to check out what I've added.

Aren't these costumes adorable?

This skeleton costume is my favorite!

This picture of jadeite here is what I bought this weekend at a random yard sale in my small town right before lunch.  If I had been there 5 minutes earlier I would've been the proud owner of much more... but I was happy to be able to come away with these pieces.

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  1. Cool collection of vintage Halloween, Melissa! I danced a part in a costume much like that skeleton in my past, and we had black lights on the white bones, so we truly looked like skeletons (scary, dancing en pointe!).
    I am selling some of my huge jadeite collection to a dealer friend today! Keeping my tableware, though, cause I'm dish-crazed cray cray!

  2. Great costumes! For some reason I hardly ever find them here. Good luck with your booth sales this month. I bet people will be flocking there to get your Halloween stuff!

  3. LOVE the jack-o-lantern blow mold! I NEVER find Halloween blow molds! I did get super lucky and scored a 3 piece jadeite bowl set a couple of weeks ago. It was missing the second smallest bowl but for $3 for the set I was not complaining!!! I rarely find jadeite so this set is for keeps for now.

  4. Your vintage Halloween is so fun, Melissa. What luck to find jadeite at a garage sale! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  5. The Jack-o-lantern blow mold, the skeleton costume, jadeite oh my. I love it all. Your booth is so cool I am featuring you today on Snickerdoodle. Vintage Halloween is the best.

  6. Loved looking at your booth; I imagine your H. stuff will go well; it is so collectible. So far, I have not come across much Jadeite reasonably priced which is probably good caz I think I could collect it, too!


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