Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 Greater Indianapolis Garage Sale

This past weekend was another Greater Indianapolis Garage Sale, where tons of vendors come and sell their stuff inside the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Friday, a huge ice and snow storm hit central Indiana.  Luckily the weather cleared up by Friday evening and about 90% of the vendors were able to set up.  I was there as a shopper (of course).  

I got some neat things... so let's take a look... because that's why you're here, right?

Loving the laundry soap tin!

Debating on keeping the larger jars.  I already have a few, but sans labels.  Wonder if I can get repro labels?

Isn't this aqua Lustroware canister set super dreamy?  Almost makes me want to have an aqua kitchen.  Almost.

Some old pie pans - Jane Parker and Blue Bird.

Some metal odds and ends.

Love these drawer pulls

Some vintage fabrics - the blue floral is upholstery fabric, the pink has flocked lace bordering the flowers, and the gingham blue floral is reminiscent of feed sack fabric. 

I found quite a few seed/feed/grain sacks.
They're great booth sellers.

This one is in superb shape and would make an excellent decorative pillow!

Another one in great condition.

I found 8 of these with their original seed tags.

Some odds and ends.  I thought the hardware store want list pads were fun.

Apparently I can't stop buying children's books.

They're so cute.

And have such great graphics.

This bingo-matic game was a no-brainer for $1.

These White Rose corn meal sacks are HUGE.

A cute little black leather suitcase.

A box full of aqua Ball pint jars.  For some reason the pints are getting harder and harder to find.

And last, but not least, a pint Crown jar (I now have a pint, quart, and half gallon) and a red primary Pyrex bowl.

That's all for now!

Have a great week,

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First Vintage Buys of 2018

I am sticking to my plan of finding some great vintage stuff this month!  I attended a local auction on Saturday and got some pretty great things.  So, let's take a look at what I got...

My favorite find first!  I wish there had been more than one of these.  Since there is only one, it will be a keeper.  It will stay with me in the van, so I have a cool vintage chair to relax in on junking trips.

So, I bought a few vintage puzzles... 59 to be exact (2 came in bags without boxes).
See below for close ups.  If you see one you like, I'm happy to sell.  Just send me an email (click the envelope off to the right) or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I've owned a few sets of these midcentury shelves.
These might be keepers for my future master bathroom remodel.

2 never opened midcentury Cannon blankets!

A mess of paper dolls.

Quite a few hankies.  I stopped counting... but estimate around 100 of them.

I bought this box lot for the little brush.

Another little box lot.  Isn't the mini tulip jar so cute?

I bought these off of someone - they are old gift wrap boxes.  They do hold some old and new gift wrap scraps.  There were a few never opened packages that have been listed on eBay.

I seem to buy a lot of these.  This Midget one is new one to me.

Okay... so the rest of what I bought are children's books, magazines, and coloring books.  Real eye candy to you bibliophiles out there!  

Several of these books were so tattered, but the graphics are amazing and I don't have the heart to throw them away!

The 4 books off to the right no longer have their covers, but again, the graphics are so great!

Bits and pieces of books with great graphics.

A bunch of coloring books!

And some more!
I don't have a plan for these yet.

If anything book or other item caught your eye - please don't hesitate to contact me.  Everything (except the chair and 2 shelves!) is for sale.  Leave a comment, send me an email, or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I plan to attend a really big flea market at the fairgrounds this weekend.  So, be prepared for another episode of good junk next week.  You can see my finds from this past flea market HEREHERE, and HERE.

Have a good week,