Monday, January 8, 2018

Top Vintage and Antique Finds from 2017

Happy New Year!  
It's time to take a look back to what what kind of good junk I bought last year.  
Here's some favorites from each month.
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It's only the box, but it made me laugh!


I found so much other Halloween too!


This was hands down the best find in March and I bought quite a bit this month.


I picked this cool display from a dealer friend.


Okay, so our NEW HOME is technically vintage (built in 1988).  This is my favorite overall purchase of the year... but if we're sticking to just business related purchases...

I only did one shopping trip in May before we closed on our house.  It was hard to choose, so these  pencil cases were the most unusual.


I do love horses!  Plus look - the original little socks with tags!

I couldn't pick just one find, because I went on a really good shopping trip and to a REALLY good auction.

And we adopted this crazy girl, Khloe, on the very last day of June.


My 127 trip started at the end of July, so here is a find from that trip that I found in July.  I've wanted a cloth rolling cart forever.


Oh seriously, this was SUCH a good buying trip.  I was able to go junking for 9 days.  It was awesome!  You can read more about my trip here.


Do I have to pick just one jadeite piece?  No?  Okay, well I choose this jadeite haul from a late night Friday auction.


Sometimes when you find something and the price is SO good, you just know you're not going to sell it.  It's sitting on our fireplace mantle as we speak.  I also found a couple other cool windows that will eventually get hung up around my house.


Found at a flea market at the fairgrounds on the weekend after Thanksgiving!  It got hung in my booth, but I put a hefty price tag on it, because I really wanted to keep it!


I didn't buy a darn thing in December!
I will be back with some good junk this month, so be on the look out.

Have a good week,


  1. Your beautiful new home made it a banner year even if you hadn't bought anything else but you found a lot of other great stuff too.

  2. Yay, Melissa! I think your Khloe is the best! Well, those pencil boxes are pretty cool too. But so is the rest of it all. Happy New Year. Cheers to more stuff we gotta go get!

  3. You always find such great stuff Melissa. I'd say it was a very good year!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. You had a very good year Melissa. I love that typewriter and also the dresser. If only we could find things like that in our area.


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