Sunday, October 16, 2011

Covered Bridge Festival: Day 1

Wanted to share pictures of one of the covered bridges we came across while out treasure hunting Saturday.  Parke County, Indiana has the most covered bridges per square mile than anywhere else in the world.  Kinda cool?  It is scary to drive across these things.

Okay... now what you've been waiting for... my finds!  You will notice a kitschy kitchen theme...

Lustroware Canister Set. SOLD!

EXTRA LARGE Shiny Brites!

Definitely the deal of the day
20c for 2 aluminum cups.

Red and Brown Pyrex Fridge Dishes - SOLD!

More Pyrex Fridge Dishes. 
Love the primary colors.

Love mini oil lamps!
Added to my current collection of about 20.

My kitchen is kitschy and all green.

I have also officially started a lonely green (salt or pepper) shaker club.  I have bought a TON of single shakers lately.  It kinda gives me a challenge to find the other, also I have a sneaking suspicion that I will never find some.  If you have this guys mate -- email me!

On another note, completely unrelated... wanted to send my condolences to Dan Weldon's family and friends.  The IndyCar sport has truly lost a great a man and racer.  I saw him win both of his Indianapolis 500 wins , and it will not be the same come next May and he is not there to defend his 2011 win.  I have loved going to the Indianapolis 500, ever since I moved to Indiana 12 years ago, and it is just horrible when something like this happens.  It has seriously impacted not only Indianapolis, but the world.

Everyone please stay safe!

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