Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small Haul from Saturday

Went to an estate sale and a couple flea markets for my haul from Saturday.

2 Fire King Bowls (flea market find)

Fire King Plate

Pyrex Cindrella Style Casserole (flea market find)

Bromwell's Sifter

McCoy (?) Planter

Stoneware Crock

Stoneware Crock

Added to my green kitchen collectibles.

A bunch of older kitchen utensils.

Old crate and sewing table drawers.

Sanford Inks advertising box

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shiny Brite Mountain Pt. 2

The FULL Shiny Brite Mountain
Each stack is over 6ft tall.

Sneak Peak.
I know it's a little blurry (damn Droid phone photos), but this is my 3rd bedroom.  Remember the really clean pictures of it from this post?
Another Sneak Peak.
This is my 2nd bedroom.  Again, sorry for blurry pics.

Hope this is good enough for now!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This will be quick

Here's what I got today.  It's going to be a long, cold winter if this is all I get per each trip I make to esate sales.

Does anyone have the rest of this set?

EXTRA LARGE Shiny Brites.
Can't get enough of these.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shiny Brite Mountain......

This is my Shiny Brite Mountain.  This is hardly even a dent in what I have, but it's a start.  Sorry all, I know I've promised pictures, but I've been down and out since Sunday morning with strep throat.  I'm just getting my voice back today.  Let's hope I can get some pictures soon. 

I am going to try to make it to an estate sale or 2 this weekend.  What is the earliest that a sale has ever given out numbers?  There's one that is giving them out at 6AM... and they're not even letting people in until 8AM.  Is that super early?  Or is it me?

Here's hoping for a good weekend for everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

8 Hours... Wasted?

I'm going to keep this short.  I know I ooh'ed and aww'ed about the auction I was going to today.  I showed up MEGA early to check out all of the stuff.  It was a large turnout, as expected.  I bid on MANY, MANY things.  I got outbid on MANY, MANY things.  I have never been to an auction where I couldn't buy ANYTHING.  Everything that I thought was amazing and that I could definitely sell, someone else thought the same thing... and they paid full blown retail prices... and sometimes way more than that.  I sat for 8 hours.  My arm was tired of bidding.  My ass sore from sitting.  I finally won 2 chippy old sleds and then I left.  I was so disheartened.  THANKS, MOM, FOR STICKING IT OUT WITH ME! :)

Is everyone else starting to experience the skyrocketing price phenomenon that happens when cold months arrive?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unpacking Christmas Ornaments Until My Fingers Bleed...

I have been unpacking ornaments since Sunday, the day before Halloween.  It seems never-ending.  I know that I have to get rid of some though.  Pictures soon, my pretties.....  (Yes, still in the Halloween spirit.)

In other news, I'm pretty excited for the estate sale that I'm going to this weekend.  I'm going to try and show some pictures of items that I'm coveting.  Now, what I come home with is a completely different story.

*Updates in BOLD below with the prices of what things went for.  See my post about this auction to find out why I am cryingggggggg........

want: jars and Santa mold.
green - $45
santa - $145
amber - $105

want: claw foot table
sold for: $175

want: this washstand
sold for: $425

Isn't it cool?

want: for my light fixture over my kitchen table
sold for: $95

want: this date and time clock
sold for: $325

want: this iron Santa
left before they sold him.

want: this Santa.
sold for: $125

want: this salt glazed jug
jug sold for: $75

want: this ice cream chair
isn't it so unusual??
sold for: $45

want: this sellar's/hoosier cabinet jar
this magically wasn't there.

want: this iron Santa & paper mache Halloween cat
santa: $95
cat: $65

ok I want almost everything on these shelves.

or maybe this light fixture for my kitchen?
would remove hanging crystals.
not a fan of those.
sold for: $125
Can you tell why I'm antsy for this weekend??  If anyone is reading this that is in Central Indiana or East Central Indiana and you need amazing, chippy, vintage furniture... GO TO THIS AUCTION.

I wish I needed furniture... I mean, HELLO....

more claw feet

isn't this to die for?

some things you have to imagine
what they would look like if
they were cleaned up

I bet those green night stands
(or whatever they are)
are seriously amazing

I'm totally picturing this as a display
in someone's booth.
(or my home)

want need this rocking char.
I wish I had more space
for all of my chairs.

goes with the earlier to die for piece.

I've been wanting to start a vintage
Halloween collection.
This would help.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! :)