Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Brought Home 12/17

Sorry this is a little late, but as many of you know, the holidays are a BUSY time...  Just wanted to show you what I brought home from an auction on 12/17.  I was super stoaked to get all the vintage Christmas for very reasonable prices prior to Christmas.

Sweet little putz houses.  Anyone need a steeple? 
It came in the box, and I don't have the matching church.

More putz houses.

And more...

As if I didn't have enough of these...

XL pink COBY ornaments.  If they didn't all have the Coby
caps and come in a Coby box, you wouldn't know the difference.

XL Shiny Brites.  Missing 4 because I sold some to a lady in
the parking lot as I was walking to my car with my items.
More Shiny Brites........

Great double sided cardboard cut-outs

More double sided cardboard cut-outs

Single sided cardboard cut-outs
Have all the pieces to this.  Haven't put it
together yet.

Glass Beads!  Wrapped around some are old newspaper to
hold them together... Pretty clever!

DEAL OF THE DAY: 2 old cameras FOR FREE!
I don't know jack about cameras.

Close up!
This one came with a leather case.

Aren't all of these the ugliest things you ever saw?

Made in Japan decorations.  Fake candles with little glass beads and leaves.
Some mercury glass bead corsages and some pinwheel looking things.
This picture is TERRIBLE.  But, 3 new mini oil lamps.
I can't stop buying these.
Can't wait to show all the great vintage stuff I got for Christmas!  Hopefully I can also get around to showing more of my decor.  I did just get home last night from being gone for 3 days.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decor, Part 1

 I've been sitting at home enjoying the fire this evening.  Be a little jealous if you don't have a glorious wood burning fireplace.  No matter what anyone says, it IS better than gas.

 One of FOUR trees in the house.  This is the main.  It will be featured heavily in another post.

The mantle by light.

Those are real evergreen cuttings.

An old Pepsi 24 slot crate.
PERFECT ornament showcase.
This is where some of my broken babies go to rest.

Vintage greeting card from 1930s.
Thank the bf, as this came out of his old house he bought.
It was hiding in the attic.

Another card that was hiding in the attic.

Another card from the attic.

Most of these are broken in some way.
You'd never know it.

More from the crate.

The bottom row is my favorite.

Hello Mr. Creepy banjo player.
He has a busted neck (not literally, but where the cap would go)
He also has a busted left sholder (literally).

2 sweet little birds that have lost their tails and feet.
Remind me to show you my clip on bird collection at some point.

A side table.  A little boring.  What can I do to spruce it up.

Must get some rest.  Headed out early to an estate sale that promises lots of great vintage Christmas.  My worry is that it is going to be high priced because of the time of year.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Look out for more posts coming up about my Christmas decor.  I will show you the trees.  The vintage sleds.  The fresh evergreen cuttings.  I may even show you some cookies (and share some recipes).

Also, I held out for as long as I could... but I am officially on Pinterst.  And I'm addicted.  See the sidebar for my link if you want to follow me.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Shiny Brite Encylopedia

** PRE-WARNING** There are LOTS of pictures for this post, may take awhile to load, especially if you're a poor soul that has dial-up internet still.

Okay, I've been a little under the weather as of late.  So this post has taken me awhile to compose.  Hopefully I can add to it, as I have recently purchased another Christmas tree for my house.  Couldn't pass up the 5-8' real pine trees they had on sale at the hardware store for $9.99.

Please read Barbara's original post where she asks me to respond to the question, "My question is, how many different Shiny Brites have you come across? I wonder how many different ones were made; not just colors but designs too."

Disclaimer: I am by NO MEANS an expert on the matter, but I consider myself to be a "vintage Christmas ornament hoarder."  That clearly means terribly knowledgeable in my book!  Truth be told a lot of the knowledge comes from my grandma or other relatives that acually lived during the Shiny Brite hey-day.  Some of the knowledge comes from Vintage Ornament Collector books.  Some of my knowledge comes from my own trial and error.  I do believe that, as with anything else, knowledge comes with time.

A Note of Interest: Some of the caps to these ornaments are not original.  When dealing with these fragile ornaments, a lot were broken, caps were saved and switched.  This is especially true of war era (see through) ornaments.  They usually (to my knowledge) came with a paper cap.  I only have one good paper cap and I do not use it.  I have either put new caps on, or I bought them with the newer caps.  Also, some Shiny Brites may say only "MADE IN USA" on the cap.  Some may actually say "SHINY BRITE."  There were other companies that used the "MADE IN USA" brand on their cap.  For all of these reasons, I would NOT use the cap as an identifier for a Shiny Brite.  Some folks (especially those selling on online) like to call an ornament a Shiny Brite, just because it came with that cap, or it has that a "scene" or "stencil on it.

There are many more ornaments than I could ever photograph and show you.  I have tried to capture as much of my collection as possible.  If you ever want to know if an ornament is ACTUALLY a Shiny Brite.  Just send me an email [melissasantiques AT gmail DOT com].

There are so many color combos,
some with mica,
some without,
some handpainted,
some not.

More stripes & the toy scene.

Toy scene, side 1.

Toy scene, side 2.

Some more stripes & see through.
See through was classified to be WWII era,
as silver was used for the war effort
and not for Shiny Brites.

Example of war era.

Scene ornaments:
They came in many colors:
red, gold, blue, green, purple, pink, silver.
Some even came in color combos.
They came in many sizes:
from a little over 1" in diameter
to a little over 4" in diameter.

Silent night, holy night scene.

Peace on Earth scene.

Silent Night scene.

Example of how some scenes ornament can come
in different color combos.

More scenes...

City scene

Santa & sleigh scene

Deer in forest scene.

The town scene... example of different color combos.

Many Merry Christmas scenes!

Merry Christmas scenes.

Merry Christmas scenes.

One of the shapes that Shiny Brite Made.
Many color combos.
Some handpainted, Some not.
Some with mica, some not.
Some see through (war era

A Merry Christmas scene & many 3 wisemen scenes.

My favorite ornament!  Side 1.

My favorite ornament!  Side 2.

My favorite ornament!  Side 3.

3 wisemen scene.

Example of more color combos.

Hand painted scenes.
Come from the same era as the
ornaments with hand painted stripes.

War era examples.

More scenes... Merry Christmas, Carolers, etc...

what is commonly referred to as the "UFO" shape.
Made in many color combos.
Some have mica.
Have not come across a see through one to date.
Ornament in top row, 3rd from left NOT a Shiny Brite.

War era.
Some in rough shape.

MORE stripes.

Nursery rhyme & some handpainted scenes.
There are more nursery rhyme scenes than I have shown.
I have seen several more, just do not own them.

Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Bo Peep.

Jack and Jill.

Humpty Dumpty.

The Cat and the Fiddle.

Hello snowman scene.

Snowman skiing scene.

SECOND Santa & Sleigh ornament...
"Now Dasher! Now Dancer..."

MIca scene ornaments.
Galaxy scenes.
Starry scenes.

MORE MORE MORE Merry Christmas scenes.

Night Before Christmas scene.
(This is the JUMBO XL size - about 4" diameter.)

More scenes.
(This is the JUMBO XL size - about 4" diameter.)

More scenes.
(This is the JUMBO XL size - about 4" diameter.)

Christmas Eve scene.
(This is the JUMBO XL size - about 4" diameter.)

More scenes.
(This is the JUMBO XL size - about 4" diameter.)

Commonly referred to as the "christmas tree" shape.
Available in many color combos.  Some have mica.
I have come across this in see through (war era).

Bells!  They come in lots of sizes, shapes, and color combos.

Another bell.

Examples of some indents.  Different sizes, shapes, colors.
Some have mica, some don't.
Do have a few see through (war era).

More see-through.
Stripes were popular with this type of ornament.
Probably because it was easy to hand paint.

More scenes.

Another shape.
Unfortunately he fell off the tree
and shattered in a million pieces.

More scenes.

More scenes.

More scenes.

One of my favorite scenes.
"Twas the night before Christmas!"

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way"
and Santa & sleigh
There are so many more that
I haven't been able to capture, as I'm still putting up trees and still unpacking ornaments.  Help?