Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decor, Part 1

 I've been sitting at home enjoying the fire this evening.  Be a little jealous if you don't have a glorious wood burning fireplace.  No matter what anyone says, it IS better than gas.

 One of FOUR trees in the house.  This is the main.  It will be featured heavily in another post.

The mantle by light.

Those are real evergreen cuttings.

An old Pepsi 24 slot crate.
PERFECT ornament showcase.
This is where some of my broken babies go to rest.

Vintage greeting card from 1930s.
Thank the bf, as this came out of his old house he bought.
It was hiding in the attic.

Another card that was hiding in the attic.

Another card from the attic.

Most of these are broken in some way.
You'd never know it.

More from the crate.

The bottom row is my favorite.

Hello Mr. Creepy banjo player.
He has a busted neck (not literally, but where the cap would go)
He also has a busted left sholder (literally).

2 sweet little birds that have lost their tails and feet.
Remind me to show you my clip on bird collection at some point.

A side table.  A little boring.  What can I do to spruce it up.

Must get some rest.  Headed out early to an estate sale that promises lots of great vintage Christmas.  My worry is that it is going to be high priced because of the time of year.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Look out for more posts coming up about my Christmas decor.  I will show you the trees.  The vintage sleds.  The fresh evergreen cuttings.  I may even show you some cookies (and share some recipes).

Also, I held out for as long as I could... but I am officially on Pinterst.  And I'm addicted.  See the sidebar for my link if you want to follow me.

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  1. Oh wow, I love your mantel display, especially the Pepsi crate with awesome ornaments! Great idea!

    Thanks for visiting SixBalloons and following!!

  2. What fun treasures you have. I love the idea of displaying your pretty vintage ornaments in the Pepsi crate. Very clever!


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