Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Brought Home 12/17

Sorry this is a little late, but as many of you know, the holidays are a BUSY time...  Just wanted to show you what I brought home from an auction on 12/17.  I was super stoaked to get all the vintage Christmas for very reasonable prices prior to Christmas.

Sweet little putz houses.  Anyone need a steeple? 
It came in the box, and I don't have the matching church.

More putz houses.

And more...

As if I didn't have enough of these...

XL pink COBY ornaments.  If they didn't all have the Coby
caps and come in a Coby box, you wouldn't know the difference.

XL Shiny Brites.  Missing 4 because I sold some to a lady in
the parking lot as I was walking to my car with my items.
More Shiny Brites........

Great double sided cardboard cut-outs

More double sided cardboard cut-outs

Single sided cardboard cut-outs
Have all the pieces to this.  Haven't put it
together yet.

Glass Beads!  Wrapped around some are old newspaper to
hold them together... Pretty clever!

DEAL OF THE DAY: 2 old cameras FOR FREE!
I don't know jack about cameras.

Close up!
This one came with a leather case.

Aren't all of these the ugliest things you ever saw?

Made in Japan decorations.  Fake candles with little glass beads and leaves.
Some mercury glass bead corsages and some pinwheel looking things.
This picture is TERRIBLE.  But, 3 new mini oil lamps.
I can't stop buying these.
Can't wait to show all the great vintage stuff I got for Christmas!  Hopefully I can also get around to showing more of my decor.  I did just get home last night from being gone for 3 days.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

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